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Sales team: they all have been engaging in the industry of wood flooring over 10 years, which means that they can offer the best solutions for you with reference to your requests. They devote themselves to establishing a long-term partnership with clients, while attaching equal importance to both quality and service. One of their mottos is that it is the obligation for them to control the quality strictly on behalf of clients. At the same time, our sales are also efficient to the requirements from customers.

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R&D team: it seems that there are no obviously differences between these flooring firms in the market. I can also do what you can do. In order to distinguish our products from others, our R&D team has always been keeping a belief to develop our own styles. Fortunately, these new styles obtained a huge success once it launched. Maybe it is derived from the spirit of craftsmanship; they have no tolerance for any kind of imperfects of crafts. In other words, each style is like their kids. 

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