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Work Floor Foot Feel Good
- May 31, 2017 -

The floor of the project is devoted to the floor of the large-scale project, but the indicators are lower than those of the lower floors used by the household. The substrate and the granularity are larger and are not as delicate and uniform as the qualified plate. Small pieces of wood are blurred, Engineered Flooring unlike striped stripes. Its wear resistance, hand press the general sandpaper can also be detected, qualified plate grinding more than 10 laps will not be scarred.

Classification of engineering floors

From the thickness of the thin and thick (8 mm and 12 mm). From the environmental point of view, thin than thick good. Because the thin, the unit area with less glue. Thick, the density is not as thin and high, the impact resistance is almost, but the foot feel a little better. In fact, the difference is not big.

From the standard points on the standard, wide and narrow plate: the standard, the width is generally 191-195 mm. About 1200 long and about 1300. Wide board, the length of more than 1200 mm, Engineered Flooring the width of about 295 mm. Narrow plate, the length of 808 mm or so, the width is basically around 130 mm. Similar to the specifications of solid wood flooring, mostly called imitation wood flooring.

From the characteristics of the floor up with a crystal face, embossed surface, lock, silent, waterproof and so on.

The crystal face is basically flat. Good care, good to clean up

Relief surface from the front to see, and no difference between the crystal surface, side view, hand touch, the surface of a wooden pattern.

Lock the floor, the seams of the floor, the use of lock in the form of control of the vertical displacement of the floor, and control the horizontal displacement of the floor; the original tongue and groove, that is often said that the mouth of the floor, can only control the vertical displacement of the floor The And then the early wood plate, the seams are no tongue and groove, which aspects of the displacement can not control, so the floor block often tilt, walking stumbling, and more inconvenience.

Silent, that is, on the back of the floor plus cork mats or other cork-like cushions. With cork mats, stampede the floor of the noise can be reduced by 20 decibels or more, to increase the foot feel, sound absorption, sound effects. This is to improve the floor to enhance the comfort, Engineered Flooring play a positive role. But also to strengthen the future development of the floor in one direction.

Waterproof, and strengthen the floor of the mouth, coated with waterproof resin or other waterproof material, so that the outside of the moisture moisture is not easy to penetrate the floor, the internal formaldehyde is not easy to release, making the floor of the environmental protection, life has been obvious Improve; especially in a large area of laying, inconvenience to extend the expansion joints, under the conditions of pressure, you can prevent the floor from the arch, to reduce the floor shrinkage.

In contrast to the above, the relief, really nice; Engineered Flooring if the same grams of wear-resistant paper, crystal wear than the relative degree of wear resistance is relatively high (difference is not, about 300 turn); quiet foot feeling really good, Expensive; waterproof, cost-effective, know the role of people, is not a lot of people.

Engineering floor purchase elements

1, see the brand: well-known brands to ensure product quality and after-sales service.

2, see the material: the normal strengthening of wood flooring should be based on high-density fiberboard as the substrate.

3, see the thickness: the international standard thickness of 8mm, below this thickness is not strong.

4, to see the surface wear speed: the initial wear surface of the home floor is generally more than 6000 rpm.

5, see formaldehyde emission: the international environmental protection organizations, Engineered Flooring the provisions of the green building materials is not higher than 9mg / 100g.

6, to see after-sales service: whether the property insurance, whether the warranty card, whether by the factory direct sales, whether the product monopoly.

7, to see moisture measures: whether there is a special moisture-proof mats, floor, whether the thick layer of moisture, whether the glue is a dedicated floor waterproof plastic.

8, to see whether the price is fair: compare the quality of the floor and its after-sales service is worth the money.

9, look at the packaging: If it is imported goods, should be the Chinese logo and customs inspection certificate.