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What Benefits Does Wood Flooring
- Nov 04, 2016 -

1. wooden floor can automatically adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, reduce the incidence of rheumatic diseases, and due to its low thermal conductivity coefficient, has the efficacy of cool in summer and warm in winter (very good heat-insulation effect). Regardless of any time in the year, if a man sat on a wooden floor, will feel very comfortable, not feel cold, chilly, especially families with young children at home.
2. wood floors can absorb UV light, make eyes feel uncomfortable, prevent myopia.
3. wood floors with sound-absorbing, noise, reducing the sound pressure, shortening the reverberation time function, pollution-reducing noise pollution.
4. moderate hardness, coarse wooden floor sliding middle, can play the role of buffer, thus eliminating the risk of elderly and children hurt.
5. wood floor no condensation, no moldy properties, to avoid reproduction of mites, bacteria, reducing asthma disease, nose and skin allergies, insect and wood floors do not contain microorganisms (at high temperature and high pressure inside the insects have killed wood and pupae).