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What Are The New Developments In The Future Home Furnishing Industry?
- Mar 24, 2018 -

In the past 2017 years on the market, intelligent, green and so on key words have been affected the development of the whole household industry, there is always new consumption idea, 80, 90 after the market reshuffle and demand will also change, the development of the household enterprises can not always stay in the last change to grow, the management should focus on the trend of the industry, thanks to play, to make enterprise development bottom line!

Home development

Personalized design

Custom-made furniture such as a dark horse, to the development bottleneck of the home building materials industry injected fresh blood, rejuvenation of the power.

In the past year, this kind of personalized furniture has gradually become the normal home decoration, the custom furniture is mainly concentrated in ambry, cloakroom, children room bedroom furniture and so on. Custom furniture is prominent in convenience, economy, individuation and so on, can adapt to different door type, and the area maximizes use, is loved by many young consumers.

However, it is important to note that, with public data disclosure, custom furniture in developed countries accounts for 60% of the total market share, while China's custom furniture now accounts for only 20% of the market. As people become more and more demanding in household life, the proportion of custom furniture will increase steadily year by year.

Although customized furniture has been developed for more than ten years, it is still in the initial stage, and there is still a lot of room for development in the future. It is necessary to seek personalized and innovative design so that the brand road can be turned into powder after 80 and 90 days.

A "simple wind" reverses.

Improvement of living standards, consumer's aesthetic concept also, great changes have taken place in French and American, Mediterranean style at that time the crazy flood the market, contemporary and contracted wind become synonymous with "cheap".

"Starting in 2017, the simple wind and the cold wind are making a comeback." The personage inside course of study says, "this year, obviously can feel a lot of owners on the choice of home decoration materials and decorate a style, tend to be simple, don't be multifarious TV wall, sofa setting wall, condole top, but the Nordic contracted, Japanese contracted and contemporary and contracted style. Home textile style also is pure and fresh, pure color is given priority to. But in the quality of furniture, the consumer is more concerned, for instance want pure solid wood furniture, floor, pure cotton, silk material the home textile product of material and so on."

Contracted style material price is not low, but the style is simple, carefully taste kind of low-key costly feeling, also meet the modern urban youth pursuit of "simple, pure life philosophy, contracted wind again become a market darling.

Where is the intelligent way out?

With the development of science and technology, "smart" has become a way of life and social trend, as well as the popularity of the smartphone, household industry also began to pay attention to user needs and keep up with social trends.

"Domestic smart homes started late and have not developed yet, but the trend is overwhelming," experts said.

Smart home has been reflected in all aspects of life, first of all, intelligent security, such as home access control, smart lock, camera; The second is smart home appliances, which can keep fresh fruits and vegetables, keep the refrigerator of dry goods, two buckets separate washing machine, intelligent sweeping robot... These smart appliances are now ubiquitous in the market.

The smart home market has gained momentum from 2011. Two or three years ago, manufacturers began to lay a dense layout of smart homes. In 2017, the number of smart home enterprises increased significantly.

But from the macro perspective, the industry of domestic furniture industry intellectualization and informationization construction to promote more slowly, many new technology mature gradually, as the field of artificial intelligence began using industry, the future still have a lot of room to grow.

Environmental protection is the primary factor.

In terms of household sales in 2017, environment-friendly furniture products account for the majority of sales. The choice of consumer also is some environmental protection furniture production enterprise to a lot of business opportunities, at the same time also suggests that environmental protection has become a mainstream consumption of household building materials industry, the mainstream will continue in 2018.

In recent years, environmental protection has become a hot topic, and the topic has aroused consumers' concern about the eco-friendly home. Before, experts say, everyone think that environmental protection is very important, but when the choice in appearance, after the price again, but now more and more consumers think environmental protection is the beautiful, function before the first place.

Based on the various development and changes of the industry, for enterprises, it is necessary to seek development and new brand marketing plan, so as to expand their market share. For the consumer, the New Year decoration can be from the new marketing campaign, save the next budget!

The New Year, the home market or can be in intelligence, environmental protection, contracted wind to let consumer, the enterprise achieve win-win situation.