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What Are The Benefits Of Wooden Floor In The Room?
- May 29, 2018 -

1, beautiful and natural

        Wood is natural, and its annual rings and textures often form a beautiful picture, giving people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to life, which is widely enjoyed by consumers.

2, no pollution

        Wood is the most typical double green product. It has no source of pollution. Some wood has aromas and emits a healthy, soothing aroma.

3, easy processing

        Wood can be sawed, planed, cut, cut, and even nailed, so it can be used more flexibly in building materials.

4, good insulation

        This is also the tile can not be compared - the wood is not easy to heat, the thermal conductivity of concrete is very high, the thermal conductivity of steel is 200 times that of wood.

5, adjust the temperature

        Wood can absorb moisture and evaporate. The human body's most suitable humidity in the atmosphere is between 60% and 70%. The characteristics of wood can maintain the humidity within the comfortable range of the human body.

6, not easy to condensation

       Due to the moisturizing properties of wood, the properties of humidity control are stronger than those of metal, stone or concrete. Therefore, when the weather is wet or when the temperature is lowered, surface-like sweating does not occur. It does not cause unnecessary trouble because the floor is slippery.

7, strong durability

        The seismic resistance and corrosion resistance of wood are not inferior to other building materials after being processed by science and technology. There are many famous old buildings that have survived thousands of years of wind and rain.

8, ease the impact

         The impact and resistance of wood and human body are softer and more natural than other building materials, benefiting the health of the human body and protecting the safety of the elderly and children.

9, wood can be recycled

        Wood can be regenerated by planting. As long as the trees are well protected, they can be used inexhaustibly.

10, worry and effort. 

As long as we choose a good brand and design, other things, such as delivery, installation, and after-sales, are the services of the seller and are very suitable for office workers.