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Wall Panels Meet The Needs Of The Living Environment
- Oct 12, 2017 -

The wall board, as the name suggests, is used as a partition board. However, such "wallboard" in modern architecture has become a building material and construction technology. Wall panels have both load-bearing role, but also the role of room partition, now, whether it is built house or house decoration and disassembly walls, need to build wallboard, but, now said the wall board is not all made of wood, and other materials made of wall panels. Under different wall frames, we need to use different materials of the wall board!

The wallboard is a new type of wall material, which has been developed with the rise of the assembled large slab building, including a wide precast wall panel, and lightweight inner wall panels which can meet the necessary strength, sound insulation and fire-proof requirements. Wall Panel Prefabricated wallboard has vibrating brick wall board, fly ash slag concrete wallboard, reinforced concrete wallboard, lightweight aggregate concrete wallboard, composite wall board, etc. lightweight inner wall plate has aerated concrete inner wall Board, gypsum board, Wall Panel carbonized Lime Board, and various cement fiberboard.

People now do not like to bare the wall surface, usually hanging on the roof ceiling, and the wall is used in wall panels to cover recent years. In recent years, wall panels have been favored by the elegant people for their unique advantages, Wall Panel wall panels can create a good family atmosphere, reshape and improve people's lives and meet the needs of the living environment.

Wall panel use-absorbing ultraviolet rays

Now the market is sold on the wall board generally has the function of anti-ultraviolet, Wall Panel therefore this kind of wall board to ultraviolet rays and the radiation has the strong absorption function, and the wood can make the light scattering, therefore installs the wall board in the living room, Wall Panel not only can play the esthetic effect, but also can reduce the eye fatigue and the damage effectively.

Wall-Panel use-Noise reduction

Wall panels by the state-level authorities to detect sound insulation up to 29 decibels, equivalent to the majority of the real wall of sound insulation, such as the bedroom toilet water pipe sound can be a good sound absorption. Wall panels on the sound of the perfect diffuse reflection, Wall Panel effective buffer heavy bass impact, as well as the material itself to sound bad sharp waves of good absorption, so that in space to form a perfect three-level noise reduction function, greatly enhance the life of one-third of the time sleep quality.

Wall plate use-winter warm summer cool

Wall Board Wood is a bad conductor, the use of wall panels of the room will be warm in winter and cool in summer, and because the wood itself to the room air humidity can play a regulatory role, Wall Panel so in Europe has a few hundred years of history in the castle and the palace, wall panels everywhere, Wall Panel is the choice of high-end decoration. By the state-level authoritative departments to detect insulation efficiency over the existing national standards, installation rooms and ordinary plate installation room temperature difference of 7 degrees, and paint compared to 10 degrees, to achieve significant energy-saving effect.

Wall board use-abrasion resistance

Wall panels have a high compressive strength and flexural strengths, Wall Panel latex paint is the upgrading of products. Wear resistance, damage far better than the common paint and wallpaper, if there is a child at home is more appropriate. Home TV background, sofa background, restaurant background and bedside background and other areas can very well protect the wall, more can hang or paste decorative paintings and warm pictures.

Wall board use-humidity adjustment

Natural wood structure regulates moisture in the air, when the water vapor pressure in the air is greater than the wood vapor pressure, the wood absorbs moisture from the air for moisture absorption. Instead of desorption. Wood adjusts moisture in the air through its own breathing. Wall Panel Give you the body fatigue.

Wall board use-high-end taste

Wall Board originally hundreds of years ago in the European castles and palaces first used, today more wall panels in high-end villas and five-star hotel has been widely used, Wall Panel giving the essence of classical culture and art of the wall board is high-end people pursue high-grade life taste and enjoy the first choice.