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Three Layers Of Solid Wood Flooring Market Forecast: 2016 Will Be Considerably Higher
- Nov 04, 2016 -

First, the real estate market in 2015-2016 to stocks under pressure, have cut prices or disguised cut prices to promote sales 2015 Central Bank cut interest rates 5 times, then Fund policy, second homes under the Provident Fund payments to 20%, open the purchase, 2015 years of real estate a hot one. And the recovery of the housing market is closely related to the home furnishings industry, and general domestic market "the good life" often appears in the price after the highs of between six months to 1 year. In 2016, the flooring market, or continuation of the previous year's dividend growth.
Secondly, the flooring market in the past two years there has been a noticeable trend. According to market statistics show that single solid wood flooring in the overall proportion of its sales have been showing a declining trend, its market share decreased substantially.
Meanwhile, starting from 2014 to 2016, three layers of solid wood flooring sales ushered in a climax. In 2014, chaired personally by the Saint Vice President Zhu Lingying served as Saint Kang, General Manager of anecdotes, making determined efforts to lead Saint Kang Yi achieved a new breakthrough, three layers of solid wood flooring sales ushered in a climax. According to incomplete statistics, in 2014 the domestic three-layer parquet sold about 4 million m2 by 2015, domestic sales of about 6 million m2, sales increased by more than 50%, the Saint-like group sales accounted for the bulk of them. Compared to the hundreds of millions of square meters of wood flooring market, it may not be a miracle, but it shows that the three layers of solid wood flooring as bright spots in a new floor, are ignited and spread rapidly!

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