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The Reinvention Of The Custom Home Core Competitiveness Summit Will Be Held On May 16th
- May 08, 2018 -

Has to more than half 2018, custom home past the vigorous 2017, with the aid of capital, enterprise scale advantage constantly emerging, and across the incoming is fast forward, as well as the government's intervention in the housing and the environmental protection policy, the custom of the listed company in the first quarter of 2018 on the report showed the state of the slowdown in different degrees.

The words "hard to do", "difficult this year", "elimination period", "shuffling", and other "familiar" words are repeated in the dialogue between the major activities and practitioners.

So, in 2018, what are the problems facing the customized home industry? What are the trends in the industry? In the midst of it, how should enterprises, large and small, take advantage of it? In a "full house customization" campaign, how should enterprises locate the core competitiveness of differentiation?

"Creating differentiation, improve drive" 2018 (4th) custom home remodeling summit core competitiveness, with these problems, the higher-ups the invited industry and scholars, on May 16, 2018 will be held at the holiday inn Shanghai (soft &grand opening grand!

This activity is jointly sponsored by one company and dingfeng hui, Shanghai yuyan business consulting co., LTD. At the same time, the activity also gained the professional guidance of relevant trade associations and the strong support of many professional media.

With the theme of the keynote speech and BBS as the main line, the general assembly will share and discuss the various links of the industry chain of customized industry, and strive to bring a feast of thinking innovation to all of you!