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The Price Of Raw Wood Plank Price Rises Furniture Enterprise To Depend On What Can Win The Future?
- Apr 27, 2018 -

This two years, as the wood on market prices, off hand, let furniture enterprises have responded earlier this year, all kinds of log sheet prices up one more flight of stairs, sit to firm up the "pollen" reputation ", "to have a heavy blow pressure heavy furniture enterprises.

Raw material price rises first, many downstream furniture factory faces the pressure that upstream manufacturer increases price. Meanwhile, the furniture industry, plagued by price wars, is struggling to raise prices. It can be said that the furniture business of the price war has been unable to win in the fierce competition, so no price war, what can furniture enterprises rely on to win the future?

1, do the brand

Brand strategy is the necessary means for many enterprises to do big and strong.

First, the research on brand and market, furniture enterprises not only need to use your feet to run, more need to use the "heart" to insight into consumers' different consumption characteristics, with "heart" in the research the nature of the real.

Second, "attack the city for the next, attack the heart." The brand strategy of the furniture enterprise must be mainly consumer, so the core cannot be the heart of the enterprise itself to "push" the consumers, but to guide the consumers.

Create consumer behavior, pay attention to the "black hole" of the brand, and find out where the consumer's real mind is.

2, custom

Since the emergence of customized furniture, the market has been rapidly occupied by the wind and wind, and the customization has become a hot spot in recent years, which is an inevitable trend of the household enterprises in 2017.

With the accelerated shuffling of household industry, if household enterprises cannot adjust their management strategy in time, it is easy to be eliminated by the market. Reduce the price war, play the home customization, expand the product development line, provide the one-to-one professional service, becomes the living development of the household enterprise the only way.

3, intelligent

Besides high-end customization, smart home has entered more and more families. No matter where you are, the remote home control can be realized by the one-click remote control of mobile app. Indoor climate, lighting system, audio and video system, and security system are all in the palm. It can be seen that it is only a matter of time before the future household industry is involved in intelligence.