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The Oak Flooring Is Of Solid Texture
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Oak flooring a wide variety of patterns, natural and simple pattern, the product has the advantage of Dongnuanxialiang, foot comfort, stability is better.

Oak flooring decorative strong, with a variety of styles of decoration, Engineered Oak Flooring white side touch has a good texture.

Oak flooring Advantages:

1, with a relatively distinctive mountain wood grain, Engineered Oak Flooring and touch the surface has a good texture;

2, excellent toughness, according to the needs of processing into a variety of curved, quite aesthetic.

3, solid texture, finished product structure is firm, long life, in many ancient doors and windows of the grid used in the production;

4, the stability of the floor is relatively good.

5, high grade, suitable for the production of European-style furniture, Chinese classical furniture, was thick, a mahogany furniture dignified calm, Engineered Oak Flooring but the price is lower than the mahogany furniture

Dongnuanxialiang, foot feeling comfortable;

6, oak texture fine, tube hole has more intrusion, not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, strength, Engineered Oak Flooring Europe and the United States to use it to store red wine.

7, rich and beautiful texture, pattern natural;

People are more cautious about household consumption, especially wood flooring, not only depends on the craft, but also depends on the material. Engineered Oak Flooring Oak flooring is no longer a single tree concept, but a "custom for life" original spirit, is your good choice of furniture.