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The Oak Flooring Is Excellent In Toughness
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Oak flooring is processed after processing oak wood flooring, or solid wood flooring, oak flooring in recent years in the market more and more, consumer demand is also growing, but most consumers of oak flooring, the pros and cons do not know, so always can not buy satisfaction. Oak Flooring First quality is relatively good, high-grade, natural and special, and durable, and oak toughness is very good, can make a very special shape, very interesting. The oak floor also has the winter warm summer cool characteristic, on this this pure natural humanity characteristic, also enough lets the human satisfy.

Oak, also known as oak, oak, wood flooring is the oak by planing after processing made of solid wood flooring or solid wood multi-layer flooring. Engineered Oak Flooring is also the market in recent years, the rapid growth of important flooring varieties, but also because consumers do not understand the characteristics of the oak flooring products and quality, often in their own imagination quality standards to buy oak flooring.

Oak Flooring Advantages:

1, with a relatively distinct shape of the wood, and touch the surface has a good texture;

2, excellent toughness, can be processed into a variety of curved shape, quite aesthetic.

3, solid texture, strong structure of the finished product, long service life, Engineered Oak Flooring in many antique-style windows and doors in the production of flower lattice used;

4, the stability of the floor is relatively good.

5, high-grade, suitable for the production of European furniture, Chinese classical furniture, a sense of thick, mahogany furniture dignified and steady, Engineered Oak Flooring but the price is lower than mahogany furniture.

Winter warm summer cool, feet feel comfortable;

6, fine oak texture, pipe hole has more intrusion, Engineered Oak Flooring not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, strength, Europe and the United States to store red wine.

7, rich and beautiful texture, pattern natural;