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The International Chinese Floor Industry Is On The Rise.
- Apr 07, 2018 -

Optimize development mode to build overseas enterprises.

Driven by the new market economy development situation in China, with part of foreign brand in order to optimize the enterprise development mode, will change the original floor and ground sheet billet single supply enterprise economic model, and use to strengthen investment in flooring industry, establish production bases in China.

But as the floor to the world, China overseas in the floor of the more and more enterprises begin to integrate resources, in cutting the cost of production, ensure product quality, enhance the brand value under the premise of began in the overseas purchase log origin, processing plant or wood floor production base of building block, both expanded enterprise production, also can know more about overseas markets, more quickly sold overseas. In the optimization of enterprise development mode, Chinese floor industry overseas investment is close to the world level.

Absorb professional talents to improve cultural level.

With more frequent and in-depth contact with the international market, senior talents with higher education level or professional skills are required. The rise of the Chinese floor industry depend on the entrepreneur's own boldness and vision and developed quickly, but there is a big part of entrepreneurs are farmers or low degree was born, in dealing with international trade, equipment changes, need professionals to deal with while he was working.

In recent years, the intelligent level of floor production in China has been improved. In some devices, professional talents are needed for digital operation. With the deepening of branding strategy, more enterprises have established planning department, and a series of talents, including planning and design, have been gradually absorbed. In order to enhance the original strength of the product, united forest products or wood colleges or institutes; In order to optimize the enterprise management, the joint enterprise management consulting company employs the business management consultant... Nowadays, the importance of Chinese floor industry to talent is increasing day by day.

The product appearance design shows deep internal work.

We always said, "China has no design", so a lot of domestic brands are accustomed to cooperate with foreign well-known designers, such as living home floor is first introduced the floor of the irregular geometrical shape, but gradually be unable to assembly line production on the shelf. But for other companies to see the opportunity, and gradually introduced a trapezoidal, hexagon, such as the floor, and solves the problem batch production technology, to catch up with the world in the field of the strip plate manufacturing floor level.

Look at Chinese floor industry in product development background color, the color of the common said there are hundreds of less, plus wire drawing, smoked, coking and other surface treatment technology, the floor on colour changed more abundant. Take the cool color system that prevails over the past two years as an example, although this trend comes from overseas, domestic enterprises are no less, even in the development of cool color system, color temperature control more tension.

Product installation system highlights professional standards.

Foreign manufacturers, especially in Germany, believe that many people have a feeling of "admiration". On the Internet, there was a plan for the laying of fishbone floor, which is also a foreign brand. Perhaps in the intelligence, automation manufacturing level domestic brand still needs to work hard, but on the floor installation system the Chinese floor industry also is not bad.

Beginning in 2011, the Chinese floor industry creatively introduced a "solid wood floor" heat, in order to ensure the real wood floor the experience of using heat and service life, domestic brand floor successively introduced this guide more, companies are also improve their own solid wood floor from material selection, heat production, sales, installation and service a complete set of service system. Among them, there are detailed inspection items, strict pavement process and precise numerical values for solid wood geothermal floor installation. For floor shop to install operation, Chinese floor industry also has original experience.

In addition, China's floor industry is integrating marketing, Internet technology application and other aspects to catch up, and gradually reduce the gap with the world floor, with international integration!