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The Development Of The Flooring Business Is Hindered
- May 30, 2018 -

Question one: Product plagiarism is serious

The homogeneity of flooring products is serious, and it is difficult for brand floor companies to “high-cost” R&D investment to achieve “high-yield” sales. After many new flooring products are introduced, many small and medium-sized flooring companies directly imitate plagiarism.

Question 2: The lack of funds is blocked

At the moment, the flooring market is fiercely competitive and unpredictable, and many flooring companies cannot handle it. Because in the entire flooring industry, small and medium-sized flooring companies account for most of them and lack the strong financial strength to back them up.

Question 3: Lack of recruitment of human resources

Due to various factors such as the working environment, the recruitment of floor manufacturers is becoming more and more difficult. Many companies are not fully occupied during the peak production period. In particular, the gaps and demands of first-line production workers, back-office and grassroots business personnel are relatively large.