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The Classification Of Oak Floors
- Feb 07, 2018 -

The thickness is thin and thick (8 mm and 12 mm or so). In terms of environmental protection, thin is better than thick. Because of the thin, there is less glue per unit area. Thicker, less dense, less impact resistant, but slightly better feet. In fact, there is not much difference.

There are standard, wide and narrow plates in the specification: the standard width is 191-195 mm. It's about 1200 and around 1300. The width of the plate is more than 1200 mm and the width is about 295 mm. The length of the narrow plate is about 808 mm, and the width is basically about 130 mm. The specification of approximate real wood floor, most call copy real wood floor.

From the characteristics of the floor, there are crystal faces, embossed surface, lock, silent, waterproof and so on.

The crystal plane is basically flat. Take care of it.

On the front of the relief surface, there is no difference between the surface and the crystal face. The surface is covered with hands and the surface is covered with wood grain.

The lock, the joint of the floor, adopts the lock mode, namely, the vertical displacement of the floor, and the horizontal displacement of the floor. The original tenon groove type, that is to say the enterprise mouth floor, can only control the vertical displacement of the floor. The wood floor block that again early, juncture place does not have tenon groove, the displacement of which respect can't control, so ground plate often warps up, walk stumbling, more inconvenience.

Silent, that is, on the back of the floor with cork mat or other similar cork effect mat. After using cork floor mat, the noise of trample floor can drop 20 decibel above, have the effect that increases foot feeling, sound absorption, sound insulation. This is to enhance the floor comfortableness, play a positive role. Also is to strengthen the floor future development direction.

Waterproof, the tongue-and-groove of aggrandizement floor, coated with waterproof resin or other waterproof materials, such floor external moisture moisture not easily invaded, internal formaldehyde is not easy to release, makes the service life of the floor of the environmental protection, have been improved obviously; Especially in large area laid, inconvenience to keep expansion joint, under the condition of pressure bar, can prevent the floor arch, reduce the floor shrinkage joint.