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Tear Open The Lively Appearance Household Industry Should Calm Response.
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Everyone, celebrity endorsement, a-share listing... In recent years, there has been a lot of craze in the custom household industry. We can see that these trends continue to rise and rise as we can see through the exhibition, which has just come to a close as the custom industry weathervane in guangzhou.

Indeed, in recent years household industry "noisy" let people see the hope, but really is, whether the trend and represents the future, we need to tear all the appearance of the "lively" be pleasant to delve into. So don't be surprised, here is a cold water, want to bring down the industry "fire".

Is "everybody living" to become collective orgasmic, be inferior to calm?

In the context of consumption upgrade, experience and efficiency become the focus of consumers in the decoration process. With the growing demand for "one-stop services", the concept of "people living" has emerged.

In recent years, the brands have started to lay out the strategy of "everyone living", and "everyone living" has become a collective climax of the customization industry. From the perspective of consumer demand, the rise of "people living" makes sense. But coming back to reality, it is not easy to really put "everyone's house" in the real place. It requires enterprises to have a high level of resource integration and cross-product management.

What's more, the so-called "house of people" in the market, most of them only stay in the expansion category, from the single-product customization to the whole house customization level. But from the perspective of consumers, the richness of product category is only one aspect, and more importantly, product quality and service experience.

In the current market, under the banner of "everyone living", but the situation of the split between different categories still exists. How to provide the "one-stop service" experience for consumers on the basis of category expansion is the real problem that "people live" needs to solve.

The wind of "everybody living" still continues to blow, the custom industry already is in the air outlet, but to the enterprise, do not blindly pursue the wind, find the direction and the path that suits oneself, is rational choice.

Celebrity endorsement is a breeze, but the effect is not immediate.

Shu qi, zhou xun, fan bingbing, Angelababy... You've certainly seen these celebrity endorsements in airports, high-speed rail stations or buses. From the temperament goddess to the flower-flowered, these stars are almost always active in the front line of the big stars. It has become a very popular marketing tool in the home industry to find big-name celebrity endorsement.

Undeniably, with the help of star effect, enterprises can rapidly increase their exposure, enhance their brand image, and attract more new generation of users, so that they can gain a foothold in the market competition. Of course, this is the ideal state.

The stars of the brand are expensive. According to the understanding, the celebrity endorsement fee is a few hundred thousand, many tens of millions, and hundreds of thousands of generally can only buy the star's "portrait right", the star participate in the activity or the shooting advertisement all need the extra charge.

The huge marketing investment becomes the cost of the product, and finally falls on the consumer. For customized household products with low consumption frequency, consumers pay more attention to the quality of products and after-sales service, and they are not willing to bear the cost of this part without any substantial help.

With such a huge cost, there will be no immediate effect on the sales of enterprise products, and the effect of celebrity endorsement on corporate brand promotion remains to be verified. For consumers who lack the ability to clearly identify brand positioning, if the star of the endorsement does not match the brand concept and image, they will blur their positioning of the brand.

In the household industry, there is even the phenomenon of "one star multi-generation". Huang xiaoming has promoted jinda lighting and signed the world friend floor. Pu cunxin is holding a constant cleaning bath, and the first hand is pulling the rijia floor. In this way, looking for celebrity endorsement has become a way for companies to rub up against the stars, and whether the stars match the brand image seems to be less important.

From the perspective of brand shaping and exposure, look for a star endorsement is the spread of corporate branding a method, but after all, the product quality and service quality is the consumers care about most.

The tide of the market is surging, is this rhythm not heel?

In 2017, the customized industry has set off a new round of mini-upsurge. In just three months, European, shangpinot, piano, gold and I have been listed on the market. At the moment, mag, kaina, zenith, covan, lauka and schnieman are also among the groups that are planning to go public.

There is no denying that capital power is a great temptation for the customised industries that have sprung up in recent years. Listing means a smooth financing channel and an upgrade of brand image, which also means an increase in the competitive edge. But when the industry is cheering for customised companies and companies are rushing to go public, we should also look calmly at the listing. Does going public mean a good future? Not necessarily, listing is actually a "double-edged sword", see whether the enterprise can use good. First, companies should resist the lure of capital and use the funds raised to promote "industrial" development rather than indulging in "bubble" capital hype. The household industry is not without a precedent in this respect. How to effectively allocate the large amount of funds raised is the first test for listed enterprises.

In addition, the listed company after all the investment, operation, profit and loss accounts status must be open, slightly a little bit more do not pay attention to negative information will affect the company's share price, the enterprise must have the ability to withstand the pressure because of the loss of confidentiality. Of course, the risk of capital market itself increases the operating cost of the enterprise.

Still, the power of capital is what makes a lot of unlisted customised companies look forward to, and the power of capital is self-evident. However, if you need to achieve the goal of enterprise development with the aid of capital strength, whether the enterprise itself has the ability to accept the test of the capital market, custom companies need to think about things before decide whether listed.

For companies, landing in the capital market is only the first step. The most important is whether the household enterprises can increase production efficiency with the capital increase. Can stimulate the enterprise innovation ability, help the product research and development; Can manage brand image and promote brand promotion.