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Summer Floor Coverings And Conservation Strategy
- Nov 04, 2016 -

1, avoid high temperature days
Summer temperatures are generally high, but construction of paving floor is best to avoid high temperature days. Decorating the floor temperature 16~35du is appropriate, if the temperature is too high, the air is too dry, the floor easily. And high temperature also affects the working conditions, it is best to avoid this kind of climate for construction. 24 hours a day, try to avoid the noon and evening construction, preferably at 2 o'clock in the afternoon after construction.
2, avoid the rainy
The summer rain, often even on rainy days. Some floors in the shop after the damp swelling up drum. Most of the flooring to the surrounding environment, particularly Foundation is too boom or floor into the water. Therefore, better rains in summer weather paved floors, if really to catch on even a rainy day paved floor, workers must pay attention to in installing floor reserved for connection and expansion joints.
3, to store two days before the floor
Air humidity in summer, wooden floors in the process of transporting or storing, hydroscopic. Pavement before flooring it is best to take the floor on indoor dry dark place. 1-2 days, water content of the wood floor and the Interior moisture balance each other, adapt to the environment, to help with the installation.