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Solid Wood Flooring Resistance To Decay And Strong
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Wood flooring is a natural wood cutting directly after processing, completely retain the natural solid wood beautiful patterns and texture, because no use of adhesive adhesives are generally more environmentally friendly. Solid wood flooring generally installed on the keel, coupled with the solid wood itself is relatively good, so the feet of solid wood flooring feel very comfortable. Solid Flooring Solid wood flooring in the use of more fragile, if it is not good wood species, too dry or too humid environment can make its deformation cracking. Its wear resistance is also low, can not be dragged on its furniture, it is best not to wear outdoor shoes on the solid wood floor walking, so it may wear. To maintain the surface of the solid wood flooring of the lacquer, Solid Flooring it is best to play a wax about 3 months.

Advantages of solid wood flooring

Sound insulation

Solid wood flooring material is hard, careful wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity, blocking sound and heat effect, superior to cement, ceramic tile and steel. Therefore, the wood floor has sound absorption, sound insulation, reduce the sound pressure, shorten the time of the sound, reduce the pollution effect of noise nuisance.

Adjust humidity

Wood flooring is characterized by dry climate and moisture release from the wood, which absorbs moisture in the air. Wood flooring through the absorption and release of water, so wood flooring can automatically adjust the indoor temperature, humidity, reduce the incidence of rheumatic diseases, Solid Flooring and because of its conductivity coefficient is small, with the effect of winter warm summer cool (very good insulation effect). No matter what time of year, if people sit on the wooden floor, will feel very comfortable, there will be no cold, chilly feeling, especially in the family with children. Scientific research has shown that, for a long time, Solid Flooring the average living cabin can prolong life by 10 years.

Warm in winter and cool in summer

In winter, the board surface temperature of the solid wood floor is higher than the tile's board surface temperature 8℃~10℃, the person walks without the cold feeling on the wooden floor; in summer, the house temperature of the solid wood floor is lower than the room temperature of the tile laying 2℃~3℃.

Green Harmless.

Solid wood flooring from the original forest, using no volatile wear-resistant paint coating, from the material to the paint surface are harmless, not like the ceramic tile has radiation, also unlike the laminate flooring has formaldehyde, Solid Flooring is a natural green harmless ground building materials.

Good for people

Solid wood flooring texture natural, smell fragrant, so that people as if exposure to the forest, fully feel the nature of the atmosphere, but also to release the beneficial negative ions of the human body.

Besides absorbing ultraviolet rays, the solid wood flooring can make people feel comfortable and prevent the production of myopia. Wood flooring also has no dew, not moldy characteristics, can avoid the breeding of mites bacteria, reduce asthma disease, nose and skin allergies, while the wood floor does not contain insects and other microorganisms (after high temperature and pressure has killed the wood inside the worms and pupae )。

Wood floor soft and hard moderate, coarse slip of the mean, can play a buffering role, eliminating the risk of the elderly children fall injury. The wood floor elasticity is moderate, Solid Flooring may ease the footstep the weight load, has eliminates the fatigue the effect, specially the antique floor, but plays the foot to massage the function, the dredge meridians, the longevity.

Gorgeous Noble

Solid wood flooring from high-grade hardwood materials, veneer beautiful, elegant decoration, thick texture, rich color, gorgeous and elegant fashion taste, visual effect is very good, strong sense of senses, wood flooring looks not monotonous, color is warm tone, especially when the body tired, Solid Flooring can make the body and mind happy, It is the preferred material for middle and high-end income families.


The vast majority of solid wood flooring varieties, hard and dense materials, corrosion resistance, and normal use, Solid Flooring life expectancy of up to dozens of years or even hundreds of hundred.