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Solid Wood Flooring Is Very Durable
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Wood is also called the wood flooring, as the name suggests, solid wood flooring is directly from the wood processing from the floor. Since it is dried by natural wood, after the formation of the surface decoration materials, the appearance of natural wood texture and color patterns, give a natural soft, Solid Flooring rich affinity of the texture, the natural texture of this return to nature, so that it has a warm winter in summer, comfortable and soft touch, to decorate the bedroom, living room and study of high-quality materials.

Solid Wood Flooring Advantages:

1. Durability

The nature of solid wood flooring to ensure the durability of solid wood flooring, wood drying, Solid Flooring the whole piece after the processing of wood floor thickness of 18mm, very durable.

2, Non-polluting

Natural wood itself does not contain formaldehyde, so it is safe.

3. Good foot Feeling

The soft wood floor is very high, so it feels very comfortable to tread on the wood floor.

4. Natural wood Grain

The production of solid wood flooring abandoned the complex process, Solid Flooring abandoned too much in the processing, to the maximum extent retained the original wood natural pattern.

Characteristics of solid wood flooring

First. Solid wood flooring has good sound insulation effect, because solid wood flooring material is hard, careful wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity, blocking sound and heat effect, superior to cement, ceramic tile and steel.

Second. Solid wood flooring can adjust humidity, because solid wood flooring material is hard, careful wood fiber structure, low thermal conductivity, blocking sound and heat effect, superior to cement, ceramic tile and steel.

Third. Solid wood floor Winter warm summer cool, in winter, Solid Flooring the board surface temperature of solid wood floor is higher than tile board surface temperature is 8℃~10℃, people walk on wood floor without cold feeling; in summer, the room temperature of the solid wood floor is lower than that of the tiled 2℃~3℃

$ord. Solid wood flooring environmental health, wood flooring from the original forest, using no volatile wear-resistant paint coating, from the material to the paint surface is harmless, Solid Flooring not like the ceramic tile radiation, and not like the laminate flooring has formaldehyde, is the only natural green harmless ground building materials.

$ord. Solid wood flooring decoration effect, gorgeous and rich, solid wood flooring from high-grade hardwood materials, veneer of beautiful, elegant decoration, is the first choice of high-end income home materials.

$ord. Solid wood flooring Durable, the vast majority of solid wood flooring varieties, hard and strong material, corrosion resistance, and normal use, Solid Flooring life expectancy of up to dozens of years or even hundreds of hundred.

Daily maintenance of solid wood flooring

I. Use a half dry mop to mop the ground

Solid wood flooring Because of the use of natural plates, so wood has some of the defects, such as, too humid will make wood rot, and too dry will appear chapped phenomenon. So, Solid Flooring use a dry mop when cleaning. If the air in the home is dry, mop can be wet or put a basin of water on the heating or humidifier humidification.

Second, the finishing of the finish immediately waxing

After the solid wood floor has been laid, it waxes promptly. In the normal use process, every 3 months waxing can be. In fact, do not play also can, but often waxing, can maintain the smoothness of the floor, the extension of solid wood flooring.

III. Avoid contact with water

As far as possible to avoid solid wood flooring with a large amount of water contact, Solid Flooring to avoid the use of acidic, alkaline liquid wipe, so as not to damage the floor surface finish.

IV. Avoid scratching the ground with sharp objects

Avoid sharp objects scratched the ground, do not throw cigarette butts on the solid wood floor or directly put too hot things, as far as possible to avoid dragging heavy furniture.

V. Daily use more attention

Solid wood flooring in the use of the process, if the individual floor shell or fall off, Solid Flooring should pick up the floor in time, shovel to old gum and ashes, coated with new plastic compaction. 3-5 months to play a wax is also the best way to maintain solid wood flooring, but before waxing to wipe the water vapor and stains clean. As for solid wood flooring is good, as long as the real experience of the user can feel, Solid Flooring or listen to other people's opinions, you can less detours Oh!