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Solid Wood Flooring Health And Environmental Protection
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Solid wood flooring can absorb moisture, reduce noise, can relieve emotions. Psychological experts also suggested that the home of solid wood flooring can reduce the noise, more than the floor tiles more spiritual relaxation, more and more pressure on the city now have a slow pressure on the role of the city. Selection of solid wood flooring, not only make the foot feel comfortable, but also greatly reduce the impact noise on the floor, Solid Flooring a fundamental solution to the problem of excessive noise, so that the room is more warm and peaceful.

The choice of the beauty and comfort of the living material is the tireless pursuit of mankind, the primitive stage of human habitation is the cave, the cave in the dark, humid, cold environment is not suitable for human habitation, so later humans live in the shack and cottages, And then later admitted to the hut, until today, although we live in reinforced concrete inside, but the interior decoration or wood, Solid Flooring which can be seen inside the habitat is the evolution of human evolution of the most important natural selection, wood temperature , Which plays a role as a human sanctuary in the process of human body keeping body temperature and resisting the environment.

Many people think that solid wood flooring fear of water, and damp will be arch, and tiles are not afraid of water, good care. In fact, the wood floor can absorb moisture, especially those who live on the first floor of the household, with the most appropriate wooden floor, winter home will not appear cold and cold feeling. In addition, more solid wood flooring, children are willing to run barefoot running on the top.

Solid wood flooring wood characteristics, the climate is dry, the internal moisture release of wood; climate is wet, the wood will absorb moisture in the air. Wood floor through the absorption and release of water, the room air humidity adjustment to the human body the most comfortable level. Solid Flooring Scientific research shows that long-term living in huts, the average life can be extended for 10 years.

Winter, solid wood flooring board temperature than the tile surface temperature 8 ℃ ~ 10 ℃, people walking on the wooden floor no cold feeling;

In summer, the floor temperature of solid wood flooring is 2 ° C to 3 ° C lower than the room temperature of the tiles.

Solid wood flooring healthy and durable, durable

In recent years, many experts have pointed out: in the existing, including stone, floor tiles, wood flooring and other geothermal flooring, only solid wood flooring with formaldehyde, no radiation, and foot comfort, to adjust the temperature and humidity and other Kind of advantages, Solid Flooring so under the premise of the laying of pure solid wood flooring is the most comfortable and environmentally friendly consumer choice.

Solid wood flooring the vast majority of varieties, materials, hard, anti-corrosion and strong anti-bite, normal use, life can be as long as ten, twenty years.

Solid wood floor temperature foot care, "foot" can be healthy

Mention health, many people directly think of is the diet health, exercise health, in fact, good wood can also help health. Studies have pointed out that the wood is the closest to the human body temperature of the material, the warmth of the wood floor to maintain the temperature of the foot. Solid Flooring Feet by the medical profession called the "second heart", the saying goes from the cold, cold from the foot of the birth is the truth.

So the use of solid wood flooring decoration can not only achieve the needs of the aesthetic, but also to achieve the physical needs, especially at home with children and the elderly, solid wood flooring is a very good choice.