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Solid Wood Flooring Has Five Major Advantages
- Sep 15, 2017 -

The type of floor on the market is more and more, but the quality of the product is uneven, buy the floor also need to see the product quality and brand service, do not be ridiculed by business rhetoric! Xiao Bian's task is to help We in a limited amount of money to choose a favorite solid wood flooring! Financial crisis, we have to cover their own pocket, so that decoration to achieve the desired effect of little money. Solid wood flooring has been loved by the Shanghai family, despite the rising prices of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring is still the most preferred home decoration in Shanghai. To understand the solid wood flooring complex, you must first understand the characteristics of solid wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring Advantages:

1 durability: solid wood flooring from the whole piece of wood processing, and now the market solid wood flooring thickness of 18mm, Solid Flooring this thickness to ensure that the wear resistance. Until now, many old houses in Shanghai solid wood flooring is still strong and durable, is a good example.

2 because it is taken from natural wood, no radioactive, free of formaldehyde, so the human body without any harm. As long as the regular manufacturers to grow products, we basically do not have to consider environmental protection, this feature is also a lot of family value of solid wood flooring reasons. Natural wood itself does not contain formaldehyde, but many small manufacturers paint the quality of paint used, but off, Solid Flooring will cause excessive formaldehyde.

3 feet feel good: laying a solid wood flooring has a very good flexibility, people walking in the above, whether it is temperature, touch, Solid Flooring feet feel very soft and comfortable.

4 Dongnuanxialiang: As the thermal conductivity of wood is small, so as a ground material it has a very good temperature control effect, especially in the cold winter, indoor activities will not feel stiff feet, not as hard as the floor Go up and feel cold.

5 beautiful natural: the wood is natural, its ring tattoo tend to give a return to nature, Fanpuguizhen feeling, regardless of texture and beauty are unique, Solid Flooring this is the artificial floor in any case can not achieve the quality. It is precisely because of the above five advantages, solid wood flooring will be so popular, home pavement solid wood flooring and even once become a highlight of the decoration grade logo.