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Solid Wood Flooring Durable
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood after drying, processed after the formation of ground decoration materials. It presents a natural wood texture and color patterns, giving a natural, soft, rich affinity texture, at the same time because of its cool and cool summer, feel good to make it a bedroom, living room, study and other ground decoration of the ideal material. Solid wood flooring classification by wood species Country of origin: commonly used species of birch, ash, oak, water green Kong, beech, elm, maple, walnut, maple, color wood, Solid Flooring the most common is birch , Ash, oak. Ingredients: imported materials can be divided into Southeast Asian wood, South American wood, African wood, Russian timber. Ingredients are commonly used in the country of raw materials are gamba beans, Indian eggplant, picking wood, balsam wood beans, heavy ants wood, teak, ancient Yi hematoxylin, Solid Flooring twin leaves hematoxylin, two winged beans, garlic fruit, four seeds, iron Line and so on. (Also known as flat floor), inlaid embellishment floor, refers to the floor, vertical wood flooring, buckle floor, geothermal floor by the processing of different types of enterprises, such as the mouth of the floor (also known as the mouth of the floor) Solid wood flooring (also known as the mortise floor or dragon and phoenix floor), refers to the floor, Glulam floor (splicing floor), fight, parquet solid wood flooring.

The advantages of solid wood flooring: environmental health: This is the biggest advantage of solid wood flooring, completely from the natural resources of the solid wood flooring without glue, Solid Flooring in the home environment will not be volatile and harmful gases, and regulate the indoor environment humidity function, Is the real green materials, especially for families with children, the solid wood flooring of this advantage is more obvious; natural beauty: natural beauty is the most significant advantages of solid wood flooring. Solid Flooring The difference produces beauty.

Solid wood flooring natural elegance of the texture is another major advantage: unique mountain, ruled elegance. Solid wood flooring rely on "natural" this unique advantage has been widely loved by people; and, by solid wood flooring decoration space in particular can highlight the noble and elegant. Durable: solid wood flooring for a period of up to a hundred years, comfortable feet: pure solid wood flooring is the best decorative material in the ground, which is mainly determined by the characteristics of wood, wood material can be hard to soft, Solid Flooring but wood Sex is the most appropriate with the human nature of a natural. With the natural resources, since the development of modern industry, the world's forest resources began to sharp drop, the price of wood has been bullish, and now all kinds of wood species, especially precious mahogany wood products (pear, pear, Rosewood, acid, etc.) prices are still rising, therefore, solid wood flooring there is an easy to overlook the advantages: to appreciate. Can be recycled: solid wood flooring in the use of old can still be re-polished paint, wood material has not changed, if no longer used as a floor, can also be solid wood flooring DIY into other wood products, such as bookshelves, lockers and so on.