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Solid Wood Flooring Durability Is Very Good
- Aug 24, 2017 -

Solid wood flooring is made of natural materials, wood, with mechanical equipment from the processing, the floor is characterized by adherence to the function of natural materials, timber. Solid wood flooring more common with flat floor floor, the mouth of the floor, refers to the floor, integrated refers to the floor.

Solid wood flooring is a more obvious feature is the durability is very good, because of its own is a piece of wood processed into the thickness is relatively high, effectively protect the floor itself wear resistance, support more long-term use. From the use of many users today, solid wood flooring support the use of good efficiency, Solid Flooring has become a popular choice.

Solid wood flooring selection are natural wood-based, and did not go through other processing, does not contain formaldehyde, and after a modern professional manufacturers of design, Solid Flooring to achieve environmentally friendly production. For now the pursuit of healthy home life users for solid wood flooring is a very good choice.

Solid wood flooring can bring comfort is relatively strong, has become the main floor laying options. Solid wood flooring has a very good flexibility, Solid Flooring temperature and touch are still very good, can give a very comfortable physical and mental experience, coupled with the thermal conductivity of the wood itself is relatively small, Dongnuanxialiang, became a good deployment of life.

Solid wood flooring is very nice, which makes it a lot of floor today is a very good choice. Solid wood flooring is more natural, there is the feeling of returning to nature, with our home life with more, Solid Flooring have a more comfortable life to enjoy. For the pursuit of natural and environmental life of the people is a very good choice.

Solid wood flooring, the main tree species of solid wood flooring because of different raw materials, its hardness, Solid Flooring natural color and texture differences are also large, generally have the following: Quercus acutus (oak), pear, heavy ants (Beibei), Incense (camphor) incense two winged beans, gamba pair, Baodi beans, Pontianaki camphor (iron wood), mountain wood and so on. Medium: teak, Indian eggplant (pineapple grid), Saul double (Palau), tea tea cornel (rue). Soft: Ash, birch. Light: Fagus (beech), birch, mountain lumber. Middle color: Quercus acutissima, Ash, Saul double, tea tea cornelia. Dark: teak, Indian eggplant, heavy ants wood, incense two winged beans, wood pod beans (goods card more). Rough: teak, quercus, gibbata, ash. Fine lines: Fagus, birch.

Solid wood flooring from the whole piece of wood processing, and now the market is red solid wood floor thickness of 18mm, this thickness to ensure that the wear resistance. Until now, Solid Flooring many old houses in Shanghai solid wood flooring is still strong and durable, is a good example.

Solid wood flooring has a very good flexibility, people walking in the above, whether it is temperature, touch, feet feel very soft and comfortable.

Solid wood flooring advantages - Dongnuanxialiang

Because the thermal conductivity of wood is small, it is a very good thermostat for the ground material, especially in the cold winter, the indoor activities of people will not feel stiff, Solid Flooring not like the floor to strengthen the floor like cold.

Solid wood flooring advantages - beautiful natural

Wood is natural, its ring tattoo tend to give a return to nature, Fanpuguizhen feeling, Solid Flooring regardless of texture and beauty are unique, this is the artificial floor in any case can not achieve the quality. It is because of the above five advantages, solid wood flooring will be so much favored, home pavement solid wood flooring and even once become a highlight of the decoration grade logo.