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Pecan Flooring Has A Strong Toughness
- Jun 28, 2017 -

Pecan wood compact structure, high mechanical strength, texture, beautiful color, its mechanical properties are very good and impact resistance, after steaming has a good bending performance, with its made pecan floor solid and stable, and wear Excellent, coupled with its beautiful color texture, but also to the pecans floor has a charming appearance.

Pecan flooring - what is the hills of walnut flooring

Pecan floor, that is, the surface of the building floor or floor. Made of wood or other material. There are many classification of pecans flooring, according to the structure of classification: solid wood pecan flooring, strengthen the composite wood pond walnut flooring, Engineered Hickory Flooring solid wood plexiglass flooring, bamboo puddle floor, softwood pecan flooring and the most popular multi-layer solid wood pecans Flooring, etc .; according to the use of classification: home, commercial use, anti-static pecan flooring, outdoor pecan flooring, stage dance dedicated pecan floor, sports museum dedicated pecan floor, Engineered Hickory Flooring track and field pecan flooring; Classification: E0 pecan flooring, JAS star standard F4 Star Hill walnut flooring and so on. Mushroom walnut flooring is made of wood pecan flooring, wood produced in China is mainly divided into solid wood pecan flooring, strengthen the wood pond walnut flooring, solid wood plexiglass flooring, multi-layer composite pecan floor, wood-plastic pecan flooring , Woody pecan flooring, bamboo pecan flooring and cork pearls six categories of flooring.

The advantages of pecan flooring: pecan wood pecan flooring to walnut wood as raw material, walnut itself has a moderate hardness to moderate hard, fine and uniform fiber structure, a strong toughness, especially in anti-vibration, anti-wear performance Excellent, with a certain resistance to bending, Engineered Hickory Flooring corrosion resistance and other characteristics, as an international precious furniture and decoration materials, by the people's favorite.

Pecan flooring overall reddish brown, dark brown wood grain, multi-layer solid wood composite structure, warm color. Unique woody gorgeous clear, rich and varied, strong yellow line to bring infinite enthusiasm, as if a warm sun shining the earth, to add a touch of home life colorful touch.

Pecans flooring natural texture is very prominent, touch up feel comfortable, can give a feeling of life of wood tracks. This is because each hand shaving pecans flooring by the Buddha as the hands of the technician to create pure hand, the technician to follow the natural characteristics of wood, Engineered Hickory Flooring scar and other parts of the special trembling treatment, chamfer with a blunt knife with character Shallow traces, with ups and downs have caused, dense and white knife out of each piece of pecan flooring unique natural beauty.