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Pecan Floor Stain Resistance Is Good
- May 31, 2017 -

Pecans first is a cash crop, this tree grows very slowly, the wood is strong, the corresponding pecan flooring quality is also very good, is the ideal choice for our shopping.

Pecans floor structure is compact, high mechanical strength, texture, color and beautiful, its mechanical properties are very good and impact resistance, after steaming has good bending performance, Engineered Hickory Flooring with its made of solid and stable floor, and wear resistance Good, coupled with its beautiful color texture, but also to make the floor has a charming appearance.

Pecan floor hardness moderate to slightly hard, fine and uniform fiber structure, a strong toughness, especially in anti-vibration, anti-wear performance, with a certain resistance to bending, Engineered Hickory Flooring corrosion resistance, but the sapwood more paint Moth.

Pecan flooring advantages: pecan flooring to walnut wood as raw material, walnut itself has a moderate hardness to moderate hard, fine and uniform fiber structure, a strong toughness, especially in anti-vibration, anti-wear performance, with A certain resistance to bending, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, Engineered Hickory Flooring as an international precious furniture and decoration materials, by the people's favorite.

Waterproof test: pour some water on the small rounded corners of the floor and keep the water for a few minutes, then wipe the water droplets and open the seams of the floor so that you can see if it is leaking and easy to identify. Colorado pecans take the most common tenon-in-line structure, can be directly on the ground without keel, saving the cost of keel and labor costs, on the other hand also meet the needs of geothermal laying. Because it is a straight-through structure, so the seams close or not, completely rely on processing accuracy. Xiaobian let the water stay in the seam above a full five minutes, dry water traces, Engineered Hickory Flooring the floor joints no water droplets infiltration, worthy of praise.

Anti-fouling test: with ordinary pens on the floor surface painting, to be written after the dry, with a wet wipe dipped in water directly rubbed. The situation is nothing more than the following: if the paint is so smooth, it may be difficult to write; if once written, or may be easy to clean, or can be wiped but very laborious, or can not be completely removed. We look at how the performance of pecans floor. With a certain bump effect of the surface can not write on the deep handwriting, wet cloth debut, only gently wiping the pen will be removed, the stain performance is good.