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Oak Floors Have Beautiful Natural Textures
- Sep 05, 2017 -

Oak Wood is also known as oak, oak flooring is made of oak wood after cutting wood flooring or solid wood multi-layer flooring, oak is very popular tree species, texture straight slightly staggered, structure medium, wood heavy and hard, strength and toughness high; good stability. Has a beautiful natural texture, the production of flooring products after decorative strong, can be paired with a variety of styles of decoration. Engineered Oak Flooring There are many varieties of oak flooring, rich and beautiful texture, natural pattern, warm summer cool, comfortable feet, the stability of the floor is relatively good.

Oak Flooring Advantages:

1, with a more distinctive shape of the wood, and touch the surface has a good texture.

2, excellent toughness, can be processed into a variety of curved shape, quite aesthetic.

3. Solid texture, strong structure of finished products, long service life, Engineered Oak Flooring in many antique-style windows and doors in the production of flower lattice used.

4, the stability of the floor is relatively good.

5, high-grade, suitable for the production of European furniture, Engineered Oak Flooring Chinese classical furniture, a sense of thick, mahogany furniture dignified and steady, but the price is lower than mahogany furniture.

6, oak flooring is not easy to absorb water, Engineered Oak Flooring corrosion resistance, strong.

7, texture rich beautiful, pattern natural.

8, winter warm summer cool, feet feel comfortable.

Oak Flooring Purchasing Knowledge:

1, the oak floor purchase is like the solid wood floor chromatic aberration, oak flooring is also a natural wood products, because of the use of different parts of the wood, the root of the color than the treetops are darker, the quality of a little larger, and the tree heart than the bark near the part of the color deep, Engineered Oak Flooring so the oak floor is very natural color difference is a phenomenon.

2, high-quality solid wood flooring manufacturers will generally have a professional paving team and improve the floor after-sales service, to ensure the sale of product placement services. Oak Flooring Shop floor to buy the best choice for the purchase of the manufacturers, buy and pave the best not to be separated. Engineered Oak Flooring Sales Shop If the separation, the future use of the process after the problem, easily caused by the two sides shirk responsibility, finally had to consumers out-of-pocket.

3, some consumers in order to pursue the sense of foot, in the wood keel overlay a layer of core board, in fact, large-core board quality difference, poor quality of the core board will affect the floor of the oak pavement. Therefore, Engineered Oak Flooring if consumers do not want to pursue too high a sense of foot, we must choose the market on the sale of brand-name large-plate products.