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Oak Flooring Texture Rich Beauty
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Oak flooring is made of oak wood after sliced wood flooring or parquet, is also the market in recent years, the important floor varieties. Oak is a very popular tree species, the texture is slightly staggered, structure medium, wood heavy and hard, strength and toughness, high stability, and has a beautiful natural texture, made into flooring products decorative strong, Engineered Oak Flooring can be paired with a variety of styles of decoration.

Oak Flooring Advantages:

1, with a relatively distinct shape of the wood, and touch the surface has a good texture;

2, excellent toughness, can be processed into a variety of curved shape, quite aesthetic.

3, solid texture, strong structure of the finished product, long service life, in many antique-style windows and doors in the production of flower lattice used;

4. The stability of oak flooring is relatively good.

5, high-grade, suitable for the production of European furniture, Engineered Oak Flooring Chinese classical furniture, a sense of thick, mahogany furniture dignified and steady, but the price is lower than mahogany furniture.

Winter warm summer cool, feet feel comfortable;

6, fine oak texture, pipe hole has more intrusion, not easy to absorb water, corrosion resistance, strength, Engineered Oak Flooring Europe and the United States to store red wine.

7, rich and beautiful texture, pattern natural;

Cleaning and maintenance tips for oak flooring:

1, for the cleaning of the dust on the oak floor, first of all, the oak flooring to clean up all the other items. Then use a vacuum cleaner, dust paper or mop, the oak flooring surface, furniture, the corner of the dust, hair, spider webs removed. If the surface is not glazing treatment, Engineered Oak Flooring because it is not suitable to contact the water, it is best to try to look at the inconspicuous place, to determine the problem after a large area of use.

2, if you want to avoid the oak flooring long trample wear, often protect luster bright, oak floor clean, can again on a layer of wood oak floor wax maintenance agent, must wait until the oak floor completely air-dried and then wax, lest the wax layer can not be completely attached to the wood oak floor, so instead of the oak floor appeared 1.1 spots. And the best use of flat-type sponge mop, so as to avoid the general Mop lint residue on the oak floor.

3, regularly to the oak floor oil waxing (generally months), so that the oak floor can be kept bright for a long time (before waxing must be thoroughly clean oak floor clean, Engineered Oak Flooring do not leave any traces of water stains, only in this way to ensure the quality of waxing. )

4, as far as possible to avoid sharp items on the oak flooring scratch. Therefore, in peacetime to form a good habit of living, do not in the wood oak floor dragged heavy weights, into the home to change shoes (preferably soft bottom) do not take foreign foreign bodies home.

5, wood is combustible, so be careful to keep wood oak floors away from fire. The fire is the wood oak floor biggest nemesis, the cigarette butts, Engineered Oak Flooring the burning small note and so on will give the wood oak wood floor to bring the damage which cannot repair. Also, pay attention to acid and alkali corrosive liquids fall to the oak floor surface to be cleaned up in time.