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Is The Floor Used For A Long Time Easily Deformed?
- Apr 26, 2018 -

In the pursuit of comfortable and elegant living conditions, more and more people have chosen the fashionable, beautiful and fashionable floor when decorating at home. In the process, however, many problems have been discovered. Such as the floor is really good-looking, but have a lot of people to reflect the floor of oneself home is deformed. Is the real floor deformed easily? Or is there something else?

Floor deformation reason mainly has: 1. The quality of the floor is not good enough, there are many manufacturers in order to their own interests with unqualified wood to manufacture products, a large part of the floor deformation because of this reason; 2. When the floor is installed, it is not installed. When installed, too tight between the boards can cause floor deformation; 3. The environment makes the floor damp and easily deforms the floor; 4. The maintenance of the floor is not in place. When small problems occur on the floor, the floor will be deformed without timely treatment. Water soaked in water, the water pipe in daily life is broken so that the water will become deformed after soaking the floor.

See these reasons above, we can know these problems such as maintenance, be affected with damp be affected with damp, construction, if we pay attention to, can be avoided, the main still can choose good quality floor. So how do we choose the floor? We must know that the most closely related to floor deformation is the moisture content of the floor, which largely determines the quality of the floor. Will affect the floor after laid the distortion of the most important factor is the moisture content, so, when buying a floor board, we must use the seller is dedicated to the determination of moisture content of instrument to check, only the moisture content of local balance moisture content close with you, can be very good to keep the shape of the original floor, not out of shape.