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Industry Analysis: Floor Industry Development To Product + Service Mode Turn.
- Apr 07, 2018 -

Multiple factors promote industrial upgrading, and the floor industry turns to product + service mode. Recently, the theme "technology, fashion, persistence, development" 2017 world floor business summit in changzhou, jiangsu province successfully convened. It is reported that the summit brought together on behalf of the government organization, flooring industry experts and scholars at home and abroad, the world famous floor, head of the enterprise and media nearly more than 500 people, around the global development trend of the floor, science and technology innovation, and flooring industry development opportunities and challenges, such as hot topic, in-depth discussion, to promote China's flooring industry technical innovation and industrial upgrading, promote the global flooring industry health and sustainable development.

Urgent transformation and upgrading

The new international flooring technology and products and their brands are constantly introduced into the Chinese market, and the Chinese flooring industry is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading to achieve win-win results.

China is the world's largest producer and consumer of flooring, and the development of China's flooring industry has made great contributions to the development of the world's floor industry. The state forestry administration chief engineer and he said, according to incomplete statistics, in 2016 the global production capacity of 1.5 billion square meters, the floor while China's wood floor production capacity is about 400 million square meters, the production of plastic floor is about 550 million square meters, China's exports of wooden floor is about 200 million square meters, plastic floor output of about 450 million square meters.

In recent years, China's economy has entered a new normal, and the floor industry is under pressure to transform and upgrade. In 2017, the state forestry administration will vigorously promote the structural reform of the forestry supply side, and the forestry industry structure will be gradually optimized and adjusted, and the development of the forestry industry will be steadily improved, he said. The total output value of China's forestry industry reached 2.77 trillion yuan in the first half, a year-on-year growth of 7.4%. The import and export volume of forest products reached us $709.7 billion, up by 10.8% year on year. There will be a wide market for wood products including the floor. As a typical representative of forest products, and maintain steady growth, the Chinese floor industry total industry continuously quality innovation, especially in the marketing model is presented on the "+" Internet services to "personality", etc.

Closure and flat thought, on the one hand, under the background of change in the macroeconomic environment, the present stage, it is necessary to strengthen the process of transformation and upgrading of Chinese floor industry enterprises in brand building, product innovation and technology upgrading are faced with new challenges; On the other hand, in the field of international trade, the Chinese floor enterprise must break all kinds of technical barriers to trade barriers and non-technical, with the help of the international market to achieve strategic transformation and upgrading of China's floor. All the way at the same time, in the national "area" under the background of macro strategy and international market competition, the international new technology and products and brands are the floor into the Chinese market, are in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, Chinese floor industry coordinated development, achieve win-win situation.

, chairman of the Chinese forest product industrial association flooring committee Lv Bin said that the current Chinese floor industry has been significantly shift, from the pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of quality, from product to brand management, from the domestic brand to the international brand, from manufacturing to create, from traditional production mode to intelligent automation production, the change of Chinese floor industry is under way.

Perfect product + service mode.

The consumption upgrade is changing the business model of the floor industry, and the demand for sustainable development goes beyond the previous category. Lu bin believes that the development prospect of the floor industry is very good, first of all, China's economic development prospects are good, and the real economy and manufacturing prospects are also good. At the same time, the market for the floor of the domestic demand is rising, the proportion of all repair, improve the repair and the influence of factors such as real estate to inventory, plus the country put forward "three 100 million" (namely in 2020 to about 100 million city resident to solve agricultural transfer of population in town; About 100 million people in urban areas and urban village reconstruction; The target of about 100 million people in the central and western regions is increasing the demand for the floor market. According to the data, the total sales volume of flooring enterprises in China in 2015 was about 380 million square meters, and the sales volume in 2016 was about 400 million square meters, with a year-on-year growth of about 4.38%. In 2015, the sales volume of wood-plastic floor and plastic floor was 400 million square meters, and the sales volume in 2016 was about 550 million square meters, a year-on-year increase of nearly 37%. And he said, although floor industry affected by the unfavorable factors such as real estate investment slowdown, but the total output of floor of wood of the our country overall is still stable, and the aggrandizement wood floor and solid mu fu joins a floor board is always presents the strongest market situation, more gratifying is developing rapidly and plastic floor, wood plastic floor and good prospect of development.

However, Mr Lu said that with the increase in floor costs, the costs of raw materials, market transactions, Labour, cleaner production and transport overlimits could not be ignored.

Wang manchu, executive director of the China national forest products association, said the rising environmental demand has had a big impact on the floor industry so far this year. "In this process, some companies have a lot of ascension, some enterprises due to increasing the cost of consuming a profit, and production of enterprises, can be said to be glad several sorrow. But environmental requirements of ascension is irreversible, this is a reflection of the broad masses of the people pursuit hills and green, the enterprise should be even more positive coping, realize the technological transformation and industrial upgrading, to the current challenges for our driving force for the development of the industry. "

Lv Bin believes that the implementation of environmental policies will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the floor industry, the future floor enterprise brand concentration and production concentration will rise further, market for high-end products, personalized products, the demand for green products is increasing, product + service mode will be further improved. "In the future, traditional floor enterprise to adapt to the development of integrated furniture, whole house custom pattern, also want to focus on the ground adornment integral solution, these are all new market changes in consumer demand."

Long sheng co., LTD., chairman of the board floor Zhang Enjiu also think, with the acceleration of the global flooring industry, China's flooring industry is entering a fully competitive market environment, Chinese society of consumption upgrade is changing floor industry business model, market demand for the sustainable development beyond the scope of the past. However, as China's flooring industry enters the international competition environment, some trade frictions also follow. Commerce trade remedy the fbi director Li Xie pointed out that the ghost of trade friction is still disturbing, double the investigation won before being investigated, floor industry safety and liability should not be ignored. "In the face of trade frictions, we have to look at and respond to them in a positive way, and we have to deal with them in a structured way. The key to solving the problem is to improve the production and export mode of the industry. From the competition to the competition, and the importance of foresight and strategy, the enterprise will pay in return.