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How To Buy Wood Flooring
- Nov 04, 2016 -

1, size
Purchase floor according to their decoration needs to choose the size of solid wood flooring, common floor divided into wide Board solid wood floors and narrow panels of solid wood flooring, wide look better, whereas a narrow version of the relatively more difficult to deformation.
Moisture content of 2,
When buying wood flooring should be carefully read product instructions, look at how much moisture the country eligible under the floor moisture content is between 8%-12%, of course, South of solid wood flooring moisture content may be higher, consumers under the selected carefully to understand.
3, processing technology
When in the selection of solid wood flooring to connect pieces of solid wood flooring, look carefully at the floor assembling smoothly, between the floor and the floor is uneven, the smoothness and evenness of the floor, each floor size and dimensions are uniform.
4, plate materials
Carefully look at what is the flooring material, you can ask the business floor is what kind of material, and consumers on the best look is not the business kind of material under the flooring, a closer look flooring materials so you can buy a good floor.