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How Much Do You Know About The 18 Kinds Of Martial Arts On The Floor?
- May 14, 2018 -

Speaking of Chinese kung fu, it is a world-class treasure, not only in the novels of wuxia, but also in real life. In the eyes of foreigners, "Chinese kung fu" is also a unique world-class cultural heritage with a high status. Chinese kung fu school there are many kinds of division, including the "legendary weapons of China, knife, spear, sword and halberd, Tang, stick, fork, rake, scourge, mace and hammer, axe, hook, hook, steak, turn, bows and arrows, an" is the most people is, from the spring and autumn period and the warring states period to the Ming and qing dynasties era, from the martial arts novels to the true story, "the legendary weapons of China" has a long history. If you describe a man as a martial artist, he will call him "18 martial arts, master of everything", and many famous wuxia celebrities have the honor.

Extension, in the flooring industry, also has the "legendary weapons of China" and the "legendary weapons of China" not only represents the most pressing demand, also reflects the enterprise's core technology, with this "legendary weapons of China" and not dominate the industry, at the very least, is the top of other brands. So what are the "18 kinds of martial arts"? We can learn more about it.

Green: under the trend of consumption upgrade, 80, 90 people become main force of consumption, they paid more attention to health and environmental protection products, and the country is becoming more and more strict environmental protection policy, only the floor of the green environmental protection health products have a better future.

Abrasion resistance: as the pavement material, the floor time suffered from all sides "pressure", if wear resistance is not enough, it is easy to damage, this is the most is not willing to see, consumer products to wear resistance is also very necessary.

Skid resistance: the surface of the floor is very smooth, use common sense, once the smooth surface of the water is easy to slip, so in order to protect the use safety of users, manufacturers make surface skid resistance is a basic responsibility to consumers.

Stability: for the floor, do not drum craze, don't heat bilges cold shrink, after the shop is not shaking have clearance, all need the stability of the floor is very high, the floor on the one hand, believe that manufacturers will be very attention, only stability, to ensure the quality is not a problem.

Fire flame retardant: floor as one of building materials, no matter what kind of material of the floor, all belong to the category of combustible, in order to further ensure the life property safety of the user, when an enterprise is in production, technology improvement, strengthen the fire flame retardancy of the floor is indispensable work.

Waterproof and moistureproof sex: the floor with kimo attribute structure, has certain hydrophilicity, and humid environment or have water damage will produce a certain amount of loss to the floor, in order to ensure the service life, the waterproof and moisture resistance of the floor must be strengthened.

Antimicrobial resistance to mildew, after floor shop is on the back of sunlight for a long time, and direct contact with the ground, easy to mildew bacterium, affect household environment, to this, the floor manufacturer is bound to improve technology, improve product antibacterial mildew resistance.

Anti fouling resistance to dirty: home for family life, sometimes there will be some stains left on the floor surface, if the floor of the fouling resistance is bad, will leave a stain, the passage of time will be very ugly, so the floor of the fouling resistance to dirty resistance must be is very superior.

Naisuanjian corrosion, on certain occasions, such as the place such as hospitals, laboratories, research institute, prone to acid and alkali chemical leakage on the ground, which requires the floor in this respect has certain corrosion resistance, ensure that can achieve longer service life.

Sound-absorbing noise resistant: a lot of space need to be very quiet environment, especially in hospitals, libraries, lecture hall, movie theaters and other public places, do a good job in the floor of the sound-absorbing noise resistant, also can better for the target audience to meet their specific needs.

Impact resistance: living in the life, hard to avoid can have some heavy objects fall to the ground impact on the ground, if the impact resistance of the floor is not strong, is easy to form surface uneven, influence visual perception and the foot feels comfortable, the enterprise also need attention.

Warmth retention property of thermal conductivity: now the prevalence rate of floor heating system, more and more high, to adapt to the environment of floor heating floor also gradually welcomed by the market, so in this respect, the floor need to ensure that warmth retention property of thermal conductivity, can adapt to different temperature difference and not out of shape case become warped, ensure the use effect.

Seamless splicing: floor shop is through a complete with a piece of joining together, so the dimensions and splicing technology and important, if the patchwork gap is too big, easy to have noise, and easy to breed bacteria, also influence the visual effect, seamless splicing is certainly the most popular with consumers.

Convenient cut: because the size is different, regular size, after floor shop is easy to appear in the corner and the shortage of excess, which requires cutting was carried out on the floor shop outfit again, cut out more easily, the shop is more efficient, more beautiful.

More frivolous: nowadays more and more high-rise buildings, the lightness of building materials is of great significance for the stair bearings and save space, super light thin floor not only easy to transport, and in the second decoration, the transformation has a unique advantage.

Variety of design and color: today's consumer preferences is more and more diversified, domestic outfit style also is not the same, the more kinds of design and color with series of products, the more likely it is to match different decoration style, more can meet the needs of different consumers.

Maintenance convenient: as the younger generation to become the main consumer, they like the pavement of the floor, but I don't like traditional floor cumbersome way of maintenance, so make the maintenance more convenient is an important part of the floor manufacturer needs to consider.

Keeping pace with the trend: is change, and domestic outfit style also is such, floor enterprise in product design and development, also should have the trend into consideration, develop a more fashion, more joint trend of flooring products.