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How Can Ability Prevent Wood Floor Wet
- Feb 25, 2018 -

You should try to avoid laying wood floors when the room is damp, otherwise, the keel of the real wood floor will become damp, and then the worm will become easy.

How can ability prevent wood floor wet? There is a very simple way, it's between the keel and real wood floor is covered with a layer of dampproof mat, such keel will be isolated from the floor, finally also can achieve the effect of moisture, insects.

In fact, the wooden floor itself usually does not have the insect. In the process of making real wood floor, high temperature baking is an indispensable process. The process, which is carried out in a high-temperature and humid environment, will also kill insects and eggs that may be present in the wood, while keeping the wood fully dry and maintaining a certain moisture content. In addition, the real wood floor of the finished product should be painted, so that even if there are no bugs killed, they will suffocate to death. Therefore, the qualified solid wood floor will not bring insects and eggs into the room. Shop need to use the keel of real wood floor, wooden keel usually without high temperature processing, is likely to leave the worm or eggs, humidity and temperature is appropriate when can was eroded by worms, and hit the floor.