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How to Transform the Wood Industry
- May 30, 2018 -

Last year, the entire timber industry was confronted with problems such as rising raw material prices and severe environmental protection investigations. Some timber dealers did not survive the cold market cold weather. It is not uncommon for a large number of small wood workshops to fail. However, is the shrewd timber chamber of commerce going downhill? They will also be struggling to break through the wood industry, and they have been doing the transformation of the timber industry. The timber industry transformation of Putian timber merchants is also worth learning and thinking for every timber person.

The first step in transformation: Formulate industry standards. No rules, no standards. It has to be said that Putian businessmen have the ultimate business thinking, and they also have a unique philosophy.

After the government took the lead, various technical standards and price standards for the wood industry in Putian were gradually formulated. The determination of the standards is a great boost to the standardized development of the Putian timber industry. Things like price increase, counterfeiting, etc. will improve.

The second part of the transformation: strengthening innovation. Actively carried out wood product development, marketing innovation and brand building innovation, Internet +, and embarked on online and offline interactive marketing.

The third step in the transformation: to enrich the industrial chain. Traditional wood products are not attractive and we produce simple modern minimalism.