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Green Home Simple Wind Series Solid Wood Composite Floor
- Feb 25, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the penetration rate of home decoration and flooring is getting higher and higher. From reinforcement to composition to solid wood, different products have different performance and each has advantages. The solid wood composite floor can effectively avoid the inherent defects of solid wood with its special structure, and its performance is very stable. However, because of the different wood type and production process, different solid wood composite floors also differ in performance.

[product name] : green home simple wind series solid wood composite floor.

[brand name] : the glory of the floor.

[test site] : green home floor assessment center.

The product name green home floor solid wood composite simple wind series.

Splicing type lock.

Product size: 1210*190*15 (unit: mm)

Product classification solid wood composite.

The installation method is flat.

Geothermal application is Recommend the reasons for soybean oil adhesion, natural environmental protection and no formaldehyde; American thin coat, UV varnish for wood wax effect.

The design concept is based on the wood natural texture and the original wood color height retention.

Appearance review high reduction wood natural texture and original color, plain and natural.

Product highlights

The paint is coated in American style and imported paint from the United States. Use UV varnish to make the effect of wood wax oil, hand brush color, better highlight the clear grain of wood. The traditional UV varnish technology has a poor permeability, because the paint coverage is thicker, so it is easy to handle, but the wood is not strong, and the texture is not highlighted especially. And the traditional wood wax oil coating technology has good air permeability, strong log feeling, clear wood texture, but not wear-resisting, limited service life, not easy to take care of. Royalstar new UV oil technology on the floor, combined with UV lacquer and wood oil process, complement each other, both to achieve the practical effects of the wood wax texture clear and solves the problem not the use of wear resistant, and meet the demands of modern people pursue log feel.