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Geothermal Floor Is Popular Market Health Environmental Protection Is The Theme.
- May 04, 2018 -

In recent years, the characteristics of geothermal energy conservation and environmental protection, stable and comfortable floor to floor enterprise saw a good prospects and opportunities for development, enterprises have invested a lot of floor to floor the r&d and production of heat, the formulation and perfecting of the codes, standards, and the development of geothermal floor more and more stable and mature, geothermic floor began to widely accepted by consumers and development to a new category.

Technology mature + environmental protection demand geothermal floor has broad prospects.

With the continuous development of modern society, the traditional heating the prevalence of serious environmental pollution and energy waste, such as uneven distribution of temperature gradually exposed shortcomings, people began to can not meet the needs of traditional heating system, more accord with human body comfort geothermic floor greeted gradually. Geothermal floor has been widely popular in North America, Europe, Canada, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and has existed for decades, but in our country, geothermal floor is a new category. As a new category, it has broad prospects in the market.

In our country, early heating is mainly used as auxiliary heating means, which is applied to tall building space which is not suitable for single radiator heating, as well as occasions with special needs. In recent years, however, the development of science and technology, with the housing construction standards and residents to improve the thermal comfort requirements, the low temperature floor radiant heating technology has been more and more recognition, in the application of the housing also increased year by year, broke through the north and the south in the winter heating area limits, has become a universal can implement technology, geothermal floor has been gradually known and accepted to the public.

Health and environmental protection is the theme of homogenization that cannot be ignored.

With the continuous improvement of people's living quality, the consumer of the product environmental protection demands increase, the environmental protection and health became a subject, which has given rise to lead a healthy life of pure real wood floor the rise of the heat. And we can see the continuous innovation of floor companies on solid wood geothermal floor in Shanghai at the end of march this year. Such as tiange geothermal floor and international well-known high environmental protection and high quality professional coating supplier, jianfu co., LTD. Will jointly perform the quality iteration show and witness another upgrade of the solid wood geothermal floor. Yan mud geothermal floor also released a white paper on the carbonized geothermal floor in the exhibition, announcing its authoritative position in the field of carbonized floor and leading the innovation of solid wood geothermal floor industry.

Can say the whole market situation nowadays geothermal floor walk good, but still exists inevitably homogeneity serious problems, some good prospects of enterprises focus on the geothermal floor by floor, also trying to imitate the successful geothermal floor enterprise products, low imitation that don't focus on innovation, eventually leading to floor market began to heat.

The geothermal floor becomes the floor enterprise needs to stand posture.

Floor market nowadays, geothermal floor has become the trend of The Times, there are quite a few floor enterprise specialize in geothermal floor, such as day, geothermal, warm password floor by floor, also has such as long sheng floor, the world friend floor to be compliant to the development trend of market development, such as the floor of the heat of the enterprise in the field of floor, however, this does not mean that the floor enterprise can follow blindly.

On the contrary, the more in such a competitive market environment, the floor enterprise should be thinking about how to differentiate their geothermal floor, reveal the differentiation of products, set up the unique brand image. Such as the carbonized geothermal series of yan mud geothermal floor, unique, through carbonization technology. The negative ion concept is put forward by the berle floor, which makes the geothermal floor make a great breakthrough in the safety and environmental protection. These floor companies are in the market through their own technological innovation, out of a different style of the geothermal floor.

The floor market is changing rapidly, and the changing geothermal floor has become a new talent in the market. Under -- mouth, be engaged in research and development of geothermal floor the floor of the production enterprises to do a gesture of follower, is essential to grasp the pulse of The Times, but stood their stance is Paramount.