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Floor Water Do
- Nov 04, 2016 -

Wet water immediately
Most common water problems is to pour a small glass of water on the floor, many people are not handled immediately, tip of the day such as tilt, moldy floors only to find that at this time it was too late.
Step1: remove furniture
After water should accumulate above the floor of the furniture and objects away, try not to step on the pressure and quickly drain the floor surface water, take out the skirting on the edge of the floor as soon as possible, exposing the floor expansion joints, expansion joints will be distributed water vapor out. Do not pry up the floor to dry.
Step2: floor dry naturally
According to the water level, completely dry it normally takes about 7-15 days, for better quality, or soaking the floor not long is reversible, if found after 15 days up or cannot recover the smoothness, should be considered replaced.