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Floor Heating Floor Spot Check | Quality Spot Check Overall Performance Is Good.
- May 06, 2018 -

Compared with common floor, floor heating floor is often in high temperature, high humidity and other harsh use environment, so floor heating floor needs to meet higher performance requirement.

In the comparison test, the department tested the heat resistance of 25 floor heating floors, the stability of moisture tolerance, the surface moisture resistance and heat resistance, the resistance to crack, the heat resistance and the heat cycle. Test results show that the overall situation is good, there are 14 items of the comprehensive evaluation of the sample can reach more than four-star hotel (five-star), but the study found that some problems such as unclear logos, unfavorable to the choose and buy of consumer and after activist.

For example, five of the eight imported samples have no Chinese logo on the outer package, and consumers can only use the label of the store or the sales person to understand the basic information of the product. Some samples for floor heating dedicated express is not clear, there are 16 samples on the outer packing can be used to express warm, but there are 9 samples on the outer packing has not specified whether can be used for floor heating, only the sales tag, invoice or stalls display card write suitable for floor heating.

Through this experiment, it is found that the solid wood composite floor with solid wood paneling is not suitable for the heating environment and prone to surface cracking. Some tree species are not suitable for use as the material of real wood floor heating.