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Engineering Floor With Shockproof Effect
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The so-called engineering floor, in fact, is in large projects will be used in the wood flooring, this type of flooring is generally used to strengthen the floor, mainly for shopping malls and other public places in the decoration, but this kind of floor indicators are generally lower than the floor density used in the family, Engineered Flooring so it is only applicable to public occasions, not family occasions.

The base material of the engineering floor, the granular shape is relatively large, this type of wood flooring is not as fine as the qualified plate, even; Of course, this kind of product must pay attention to its wear resistance, for the determination of wear resistance, Engineered Flooring with the hand of the general sandpaper can also be detected, qualified plate grinding on more than 10 laps will not be flower mark.

The effect of laying engineering floor

(1) The engineering floor can make the electrostatic charge leak to the ground, which provides the safety measure for the computer and the network equipment.

(2) The space between the engineering floor and the original ground is convenient for laying, connecting and maintaining the cables of the electronic computer room system, eliminating the harm to the staff of the exposed cable.

(3) The space under the engineering floor can be used as the static pressure fan of the air conditioning system, Engineered Flooring thus obtaining the satisfactory airflow organization of the room.

(4) with the help of the engineering floor adjustable support leveling, Engineered Flooring to ensure the level of the room floor.

(5) Because the engineering floor is the whole assembly type structure,the weight of the machine is on the whole floor structure, and has the shockproof effect.

(6) In the future expansion of equipment, the machine easy to rearrange, easy to move, saving costs.

(7) To protect the power supply, signal lines and connectors, the configuration of the pipeline is fast and easy, to avoid tripping staff, the computer room layout neat, with a certain decorative effect.

(8) The engineering floor is easy to replace. The use of a suction plate can remove any piece of flooring, maintenance and repair of the floor under the pipeline and equipment is extremely convenient.

(9) The engineering floor is flexible. When a part of it needs to be changed, Engineered Flooring such as adding new cabinets, increasing the floor air outlet, etc., the adjustment is very convenient

There are many kinds of engineering floors, according to its basic materials can be divided into composite (medium, high-density particleboard), all steel, calcium sulfate, aluminum and so on; their surface has HPL melamine, PVC, carpets, high-grade wood, ceramic tiles, such as veneer, the specification is generally 600mm X 600mm; aluminum alloy flooring with metal mold casting and sand mold casting , the specification has 500mmx500mm, 600mmX 600mm two kinds. The thickness of the engineering floor is generally 20~40mm, and the melamine veneer is widely used. PVC Anti-Static veneer surface wear-resistant, cracking phenomenon less, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and can reduce people in the process of walking and handling equipment to generate noise. The back side with magnetic PVC veneer, Engineered Flooring can be directly placed on the whole steel bare floor surface, without any sticky agent, disassembly convenient.