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Engineering Floor Impact Resistance Is Good
- Jul 21, 2017 -

The so-called engineering floor, in fact, is used in large-scale projects in the wood flooring, this type of floor is generally used to strengthen the floor, mainly for shopping malls and other public places laying decoration, but the indicators of the floor than the family The use of the floor density is generally low, so it is only applicable to public places, but not family occasions.

Engineering floor of the substrate, the grain is relatively large, such wood flooring is not as delicate as the qualified plate, uniform; of course, Engineered Flooring these products must pay attention to its wear resistance, for the determination of wear resistance, hand press the general Sandpaper can also be detected, Engineered Flooring qualified plate grinding more than 10 laps will not be scarred.

So the floor of the project is a good place to choose a good place for floor tiles.

Common features of the project floor

1, compared with the solid wood flooring, the surface wear resistance (solid wood to the national standard wear: 300 or so, to strengthen the national standard wear: 4000 or more), Engineered Flooring with higher flame retardant properties, strong resistance to pollution, Pressure, good impact resistance;

2, the product can be poor repair, once damaged, must be more: the use of formaldehyde in the production process adhesive, so there is a certain formaldehyde release of the floor, if the formaldehyde emission exceeds a certain standard, will have a certain impact on human health , And cause pollution to the environment. (Home generally use E0 level to strengthen the floor, green years floor for the E0 level to strengthen the floor)

3, from the standard points on the standard, wide and narrow plate: the standard, the width is generally 191-195 mm. About 1200 long and about 1300. Wide board, the length of more than 1200 mm, Engineered Flooring the width of about 295 mm. Narrow plate, the length of 808 mm or so, the width is basically around 130 mm. Similar to the specifications of solid wood flooring, mostly called imitation wood flooring.

How to buy engineering floor

Engineering floor in the adhesive contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, excessive formaldehyde on the human body is harmful, the human body if the long-term high concentrations of formaldehyde in the environment, there will be carcinogenic risk. Engineered Flooring China's formaldehyde concentration in public places has been issued a mandatory standard, the provisions of not more than 0.12mg / m3.According to state regulations, strengthen the formaldehyde content of wood flooring does not exceed 30mg / 100g, as far as possible in 9mg / 100g below.

Engineering floor water absorption options: the higher the index, the easier the floor expansion. The state stipulates that this indicator is within 2%. So we in the purchase time, we must pay attention to its water absorption.

How the works of the floor, what are the common features of the project floor, the above is the relevant information on the floor of the introduction, Engineered Flooring hoping to give friends to understand the help.