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Current Situation And Trend Of Household Industry.
- Apr 27, 2018 -

First trend

The brand concentration degree of the subdivision category is improving rapidly, the brand pattern is showing the model, the leading brand is high growth, and the small brand has difficulty in survival. The growth rate of the first brand is very fast, the concentration of subdivision category is increasing rapidly, the stronger the strong, the weaker the weak, the expansion of the enterprise category is accelerated, and the innovation of business model is also accelerating.

Second trend

The relationship between channels and factories. The cost of the channel is increasing, but the efficiency is falling. Internet e-commerce is not as good as imagined, and e-commerce is experiencing bottlenecks. Offline new channels are increasing rapidly, and the flow of consumption is diversified.

Third trend

The dealer high input low output, the profit effect becomes bad. Nowadays, there is a phenomenon of dealers aging in the industry, without momentum and lack of motivation. So at present at the dealer level, wife and wife shop is very difficult to make a big brand.

Fourth trend

The whole house customization is in a frenzy. I think the customization is overheated and dangerous, and the industry is about to enter the red sea.

Fifth trend

Category expansion is accelerating. For example, make wooden door to make whole house custom, make ambry, make closet also also. Some categories, such as the family, the original leisure leather sofa, now the whole category; The current layout of the mattress is full category. Once the category expands, it will certainly raise the heat. Is the category expansion of the enterprise correct? Proper category expansion I think is right, but uncontrollable category expansion is a burden.