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Consumption Hint: Floor Heating Floor Buying Use Should Pay Attention To A Few Points.
- May 06, 2018 -

Note 1: keep an eye out for explicit information. When floor heating floor of choose and buy, consumer should choose to express that can be used for floor heating environment on the package of goods, and indicate the specification and quantity of the purchased goods, materials, and can be used for floor heating the credentials of information, so that as evidence of the quality issue in the future rights.

Note 2: choose the right type. When ground heating with real wood floor of choose and buy, should choose through special processing of special real wood floor of floor heating, try not to choose high density, high hardness of wood, suggest the use of material stability wood, such as teak, merbau, etc; When choose and buy the ground that heating USES solid wood to compound floor, should also choose relatively stable lumber, and the thickness should not be too big, should not be splicing board; When buying and buying ground heating to use aggrandizement floor, should choose the brand product with high environmental protection grade.

Note 3: buy floor and install floor heating to combine. In addition to the material of floor heating floor itself and performance, floor heating pipe type selection, the design of floor heating system also can affect the use effect and life of floor heating floor, suggest installing a floor heating system, consumers, designed and floor supplier and participation, to ensure that the floor and floor heating system with good, design scientific and reasonable.

Note 4: be careful in use. After the first use or shut down for a long time again when you start the floor heating, attention should be paid to the slow heating, when close the floor heating, should also be gradual cooling, so as to avoid temperature changes too fast lead to the floor appears out of shape, craze, and so on and so forth. Should not set too high temperature in the use of ground heating, lest reduce the service life of the floor. Avoid long exposure to the sun to warm the floor, indoor humidity should be kept between 40% and 80%. Also avoid long - term use of airtight carpets, plastic, legless furniture and other materials to cover the floor for a long time.