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Changzhou Horizontal Woodland Board Industry To Green Household Transformation.
- May 08, 2018 -

In late march, a month-long "spring thunder operation" was carried out by the environmental protection bureau of the open district to carry out a special inspection on enterprises involved in air pollution. The focus of action is to carry out round-the-clock inspection of high-voc emission enterprises and pollution sources in key areas such as packaging and printing, floor manufacturing and other industries.

Late March 28, law enforcement officers raided the transverse Lin town, hengshan bridge town, LuCheng streets of some enterprises, found in the inspection against illegal organic waste gas emissions, atmospheric pollution prevention measures, a problem such as law enforcement officers on the spot, forensics, overnight for these enterprises to initiate an investigation of an illegal act.

In the face of turbulent wave of industry transformation and heavily polluting enterprises shut down the situation, how to maintain the demands of the development of green and activate the industry vitality, enhance industrial competitiveness, the combination of green development new path? The answer is: through the transformation of the track, the industry "add and subtract", develop green economy, low carbon economy, circular economy, open up a green development new world.

As horizontal Lin, the most distinctive traditional industries - floor industry have been listed in the town of green furniture industry development strategy, which is the open zone of transition from traditional industrial economy to the development of green a microcosm. Gradually disfavor with customer demand change, the traditional floor, the town are leading enterprise through the development of PVC flooring, no aldehyde floor, graphene floor and green products, to industrial upgrade and transformation from traditional floor gradually to green household, intelligent small furniture, medical furniture, business furniture and a batch of new product rapid emergence category characteristics.