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Buy Floor Of Floor Of Floor Of Choose And Buy The Attention Of The Fall Decorate Season To Cork Floor To Become A New Favorite.
- Apr 26, 2018 -

The element that the home decorates and chooses floor heating floor needs attention.

There are a lot of the floor heating floor used on floor heating is not the big problem in the short term, but we have to buy the floor is by no means no, with two or three years alone general customers want more than a decade, so suggest the consumers must choose special floor of floor heating.

Second, pay attention to the thickness of the floor. The working principle of floor heating is to transfer heat through low temperature radiation, and the wood fiber hole has an adiabatic effect. The floor should not be too thick, when the thickness exceeds 14 millimeter, radiant heat energy can hardly reach the floor surface, heat energy utilization rate is low, heating effect is bad, not economy. The floor is too thin heat storage effect is too bad, easy to cause indoor temperature difference.

Third, should pay attention to the floor that chooses floor heat resistance coefficient moderate. The thermal resistance coefficient is directly proportional to the energy storage and inversely proportional to the heat transfer effect. The higher the thermal resistance coefficient, the worse the heat transfer effect.

Fourth, pay attention to the climatic and environmental humidity of the site, select the floor with small deformation coefficient as floor heating floor.

Finally, notice that the surface of the floor must be cracked. Floor heating floor in the long period of cold and heat rise and shrink, if do not have the function of anti-cracking, the floor will appear the problem such as crack quickly.

Small make up summary: floor of floor of floor of floor of floor of floor of floor is taller than average floor, so must pay attention to in the choose and buy to be careful guard, lest in the future use the problem.