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Autumn Decorating Season To Cork Floor To Become A New Favorite.
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Yesterday morning, reporter in east building materials and so on home square saw, come to consult decorate a matter the citizen is not a few. "Cork floor color is soft, the bark of material surface is more close to nature." Store manager li hj, cork floor from the outer bark of oak, cork pore, sound insulation effect is good, and the foot feels comfortable warmth, cork resilience can significantly reduce stand on the human body for a long time, the impact of back, leg, ankle and be conducive to the protection of the elderly knee, can reduce the degree of damage to the greatest extent, so it's popular with citizens, especially the elderly. It is learned that cork floor price is between 500 yuan and 600 yuan per square metre, taller than traditional solid wood compound floor.

Li qiang, an industry insider, warns that if the pressure is pressing on the cork floor, the floor may be pushed out of the pit, sometimes affecting the aesthetics. Cork floor has furrow grain, more easy to deposit ash, in addition, common cork floor is waterproof, anticorrosive performance is inferior to strengthen floor, this asks the buyer to be in the clean management more careful!