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2016 A Floor Price Which Factors Influence
- Nov 04, 2016 -

1.2016 secure flooring price list under the influence of raw material
2016 secure floor table directly under the influence of raw material prices generally rise in raw material prices, the floor no doubt prices will rise and face the economic situation adversely affected 2016 secure floor price will rise, remains to be seen.
2.2016 secure flooring price list under the influence of processing technology
No matter which type of flooring, antique, print, emboss, mosaic, and so on technology, while each process requires different programming techniques, equipment and personnel, which also affects the 2016 secure flooring price list. Like many technology of parquet flooring is artificial himself, as labor costs increased, parquet flooring prices are significantly higher than other flooring.
3.2016 secure flooring price list under the influence of real estate
Nearly two years and the real estate market downturn, especially three or four cities with substantial inventory of existing homes, making the whole building materials industries are subject to different degrees of influence. Flooring industry in order to gain more market share, and alliances to do promotions, the secure floor price profit and more transparent. Similarly, 2016 secure flooring price list will be subject to the influence of these factors.