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2015 Flooring Industry Market Development In China

With the rise of generation, after the Group's consumption, their self-worth flooring products is seen as more opportunity going into more personal elements in floor finish. This will bring more opportunities for the DIY market, at present, the flooring DIY market in China is still in its initial stages, but has displayed its vigor and vitality. As long as the Chinese DIY market reach United States half of the entire market size at least doubled, and this, because after the rise, it is becoming a reality.
China markets despite the impact of control measures, but still maintained a growth trend, but domestic long accustomed to high growth, slightly lower growth in a sense that the market is affected. With property development of increasingly reasonable of, regardless of is property also is floor industry, in future of years within, will ushered in revenge type growth of good opportunities, and this all, will see floor brand can take by disadvantage, achieved itself brand of expansion and channel of development, only found contrarian opportunities of floor brand, to in future of market revenge sex growth opportunities in the gets more big of market share, to won winning of leading opportunities.

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