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Wooden floor advantages and disadvantages
- Mar 17, 2018 -

1. Advantages of wood floor.

(1) durability: the real wood floor is made of whole wood, and the real wood floor thickness of the market is now 18mm, which ensures the wear resistance. Until now, the real wood floors of many old Shanghai houses are still strong and durable, which is a good example.

The sitting room chooses to shop floor is good still ceramic tile is good.

(2) because it is taken from natural wood, there is no radioactivity, no formaldehyde, so there is no harm to the human body. As long as the product that is normal manufacturer grows, everybody does not need to consider environmental protection sex, this one characteristic also is the reason that many families value real wood floor. Natural wood itself does not contain formaldehyde, but many small manufacturer makes lacquer board to use paint quality not to pass, can cause formaldehyde exceeds bid.

(3) the feet feel good: the laid solid wood floor has the very good flexibility, the person walks on above whether the temperature, the touch, the foot feels very soft and comfortable.

(4) warm in winter and cool in summer, due to the wood small coefficient of thermal conductivity, look for the ground material it has very good thermal control effect, especially in the cold winter, in the indoor activity is the one who is, won't feel frozen feet, don't like aggrandizement floor, walk to feel cold.

2. Disadvantages of wooden floor.

(1) difficult maintenance: the real wood floor has higher requirements on installation, which can cause a series of problems if the installation is not good. The problem of floor installation is always high. This is also equal to say, from installation begins, must spend a lot of energy to pay attention to the installation of real wood floor. When the installation is ready, the worry still exists. Because the stability of real wood floor is not good enough, indoor environment is too wet or dry when the problem such as arch, warping or deform. And after the shop is installed, also often waxes, oil, otherwise the luster of the floor surface quickly disappears, the real time is tiring.

(2) high price: due to various factors, real wood floor has been maintained at a higher price, and there is no possibility of a reduction in the short term. Now the market is a little bit better, the quality is more guaranteed real wood floor price also is in 200 yuan per square meter above. To calculate, the money that spends on real wood floor is true not little, the family that budget is tight still has to weigh a measure. The existence of above two difficult problems, make real wood floor is destined to have certain economic strength, have enough time and energy to maintain the family choice.