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Wood flooring to longevity prevention needs to be done
- Nov 04, 2016 -

1. moisture-proof
Best to turn on the air-conditioner dehumidification when humidity is too large to control humidity. Wet ground needed in shop floor waterproof layer of the base before, advance brush waterproofing coating
2. waterproof
Do not use wet mops or soapy water to MOP the floor, will lead the floor damp musty deformation, luster dimmed, try drying 70% dry MOP. If you accidentally spilled water on the floor, in time to dry, dry, so as to avoid cracking and warping, mildew.
3. the Sun
Prevent Sun blowing hot and cold wind, baking floor flooring and home appliances to prevent premature aging and cracking of the floor. The dry season, it is best to increase humidity, the simplest method is to put a pan of water in the corner, or humidifier to increase humidity.
4. fire protection
Prevent burning cigarette butts and other items dropped on the wood floor with a fire, do not use gasoline to clean the dust and dirt from the floor, avoid a static friction, resulting in a fire.
5. anti-fouling
Corrosive liquids, such as toilet bowl spirit, oil cannot be used to clean the kitchen floor hot liquids or objects, ban is placed directly on a wooden floor, so as not to damage the surface