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When installing lock floor, you should pay attention to these problems
- Feb 18, 2018 -

First, it starts from the corner of the wall. Keep the board with the tongue on the wall and keep the 10mm gap between the wall and the short side of the board. Then the next board is aligned with the short side of the first board. At the same time, the board is pressed forward and flat on the ground.

The same method is used to complete the first row of the installation. The last floor should be tailored to the appropriate length, and the 10mm gap is retained between the wall and the wall. Start the next installer with the remainder of the board (at least 300mm).

A new row of the first plate's tongue is then aligned to the previous row of grooves to a certain angle. Press the board forward and flat on the ground at the same time. The short side of the plate is made to a certain angle and down with the installed front plate. Ensure that the position of the board is locked with the front plate. Slightly lift the board (with the previous piece of the previous installed board, about 30mm,) and press it into the front row and down.

When the three row of installation is completed, the distance between the floor and the wall is 10mm. Follow the above method to continue the installation until the end.