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What accounts for the dark wood floor


Improper cleaning can cause wood floors shine. Too frequent cleaning one of the main reasons is to make wood floor gloss. Wood floor usually covered in relatively intimate spaces, cleaning is done once every month appropriate. Chemical fabrics, hard texture, large scale will bring unnecessary corrosion and damage to the wooden floor.
There is no maintenance, wood floor will gradually lose their shine. This situation was more solid wood flooring. Solid wood like skin, not maintained for a long time, Sheen disappeared. Cleaning and maintenance are totally different, clean is not a substitute to the conservation.
Floor wax choice is incorrect, can also cause the wood floor lose their original luster. Often use the spray bottle of wax will cause the wood floor gloss. Spray bottle wax for wood floors lead to mirror-like finish, reflecting strong and obvious at the first dirt dirty. So again, wood floor will soon lose even sheen.

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