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The installation method of lock floor, from now on installation does not ask for a person
- Feb 18, 2018 -

Preparation tools: a ruler, a roll, a knife, a flexible plastic hammer, a pencil. The floor installation is diy, in addition to the above necessary tools, other tools, how to come by themselves, the electric drill chainsaw is not a problem.

Step 1: place the lock floor at room temperature for 18 to 25 degrees, and install the ideal after 48 hours. Lay a damp mat before you shop.

Step 2: the shop should be installed in the corner of the wall, the tenon groove to the wall, the floor and wall reserved 4mm gap, to prevent thermal expansion. Spread out from the inside out to ensure even distribution on the wall.

Step 3: insert the mother slot of the end of the second floor into the slot of the front end of the floor with a 45-60 degree Angle, and gently press to make it completely close. Insert the mother slot on the second floor of the floor into the groove of the first row floor and press gently to make it completely close. The following is the same as the first row.

Step 4: install the kick line and the receiving strip. Tips for closing corners.

Step 5: after the construction is completed, remove the clutter with a broom, semi-wet ground or vacuum cleaner.